ATWT Update Wednesday 11/13/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 11/13/02

By Loretta

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Lucy tells Aaron and Alison that she feels they should go home, as they cannot run forever, plus she is worried that Katie and Simon can get into trouble for helping them. Alison says no way since they will all go to jail.

Molly visits Carly and asks her if she did cheat on Jack. When asked this question, Carly gives Molly a blank stare, then she admits she did, as she thought she had lost Jack forever and she was drunk. Molly tries to tell her that it was only a one-night stand so it does not mean anything. Molly tells Carly she will help her keep this secret from Jack but asks who the guy was.

Emily gets a call from Holden who tells her that Simon and Katie found the kids. When Hal and Emily arrive at Holden’s, Katie explains how the let the kids go. Angry, Hal asks how they could have done such a thing. Simon explains that Aaron is not guilty and perhaps Will lied about Aaron starting it. Holden steps in and says he and Luke caught Will in several lies. Frustrated Hal says he will go search himself for the kids.

At her request, Jack brings the baby to visit Julia. As Jack enters Julia’s house (where Carly used to live), he gets bad feelings, as this is where Julia tortured and raped him. A photographer arrives to take father/son pictures.

When she is visited by Mike, Rosanna tells him she had someone spying on Carly due to her Carly Clause, which is a legal document indicating that if Carly “fools around” with Craig, Carly will be dismissed as designer for Monte Carlo. Mike apologizes to Rosanna for his harsh words the day before.

Mike asks Rosanna to stay out of Carly’s business. Mike tells Rosanna that he did not sleep with Carly. Rosanna tells him this is the first time he has lied to her and that she intends to ruin Carly’s life like Carly did to her. Rosanna brings up the fact that Carly slept with Mike and had his baby, which broke her and Mike up. Rosanna tells Mike she intends to make Carly pay.

Alison insists that Will did not start the fire and she is afraid he will die. Just then Aaron hears a dog outside. He peaks and sees a guard with a flashlight. When the coast is clear, he has Alison and Lucy make a run for it. As Aaron makes a run for it, a guard catches him with a flashlight. As Aaron pretends to get his id out, he manages to escape.

Back home, Hal accuses Emily of taking sides. Emily tells Hal he married her for who she was and at the present time, she is not sure if Aaron did start the fire. After Hal gets a call notifying him that a railroad guard in Pennsylvania spotted the kids, Hal tells Emily he will go search for them? After he blows off his steam, Hal tells Emily he will take Craig with him and that he loves her more then she knows.

As Craig prepares to leave with Hal for Pennsylvania, he kisses Rosanna goodbye. After Craig leaves, Rosanna says to herself that Monte Carlo is about to turn to ashes like Carly’s marriage.

Angry that the baby ruined her clothing again, Julia mutters to herself that if this were her child, it would not slobber all over like that!

Carly greets Jack with hugs and kisses, but soon the phone rings and it is Mike. Mike tells Carly they need to talk as Rosanna is determined to tell Jack that Carly cheated on him with Mike.