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As the World Turns Tuesday 11/12/02

By Loretta

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Aaron, Lucy and Alison arrive at the University of Pittsburgh hungry. When they see a party going on, the kids join it and help themselves to free food, especially Alison. A student recognizes Alison from TV, the Internet and the newspapers and asks her for her autograph. He mentions that two men were at the school looking for them.

While at the hospital, Barbara receives a bouquet of flowers from James with a note, which reads “Darling I am always here for you. Let me ease your pain and meet me. James.” This sends Barbara into hysterics and she yells at the nurse on duty to screen any gift that is sent to Will’s room. Barbara tells John she is frightened to go back to Fairwinds, as James wants her with him.

Hal arrives home to get a little break from searching for Aaron. Emily mentions to Hal how Margo stated that Will may have started the fire, but Hal quickly tells Emily to forget this theory. Before Hal goes to the hospital to visit Will, Emily tells him that Barbara remarried James.

Mike catches Molly crying when she learned that Abigail has decided to remain in California with Adam. Mike reminds Molly that they can always visit Abigail.

Rosanna tells Henry that Carly slept with her cousin’s (Molly) boyfriend. Henry says Carly is beyond tacky for doing this to her own cousin. Rosanna explains her past with Mike and how Carly took him away from her.

Observing the baby, Carly tells Jack the baby cannot be a newborn and must be at least three months old, which means there is no way he can be the father. Annoyed, Carly tells Jack every day he seems to be getting closer to the baby.

Noticing how Alison is throwing her food down, another student recognizes the kids and asks to see their student id cards. Just then Simon and Katie arrive and tell her they are their parents. Katie explains that Lucinda sent them and that Simon feels that Will may have started the fire. Simon and Katie try to get the kids to come back to Oakdale with them.

Craig arrives home to find Rosanna in his penthouse ready to tell him some news. After Craig gets upset about Lucy missing, Rosanna reconsiders telling him that Carly cheated on Jack, so she tells him how Julia showed up at Carly’s wedding with a baby she claims Jack is the father of. Craig finds this amusing. Craig tells Rosanna that he missed her. They kiss.

A nurse arrives at Carly’s house. Jack explains he hired her to help care for the baby. Carly is mad as Jack did not tell her this and she feels he does not trust her with the baby.

Mike gives Molly his class ring which hangs from a chain. After telling Mike what a sweet gesture this was, they kiss. Molly tells Mike she is very concerned that Carly did cheat on Jack.

When Hal arrives at the hospital to visit Will, he mentions her marriage to James. Barbara explains that she had to marry James, in order to see her children again, but Hal throws her out of the room. Seeing Barbara crying, John tells her she can stay at his house.

Mike shows up at Carly’s and tells her he strongly feels Rosanna has been spying on them. Mike says he could tell by looking at Rosanna’s face during his confrontation with her the other day. Mike says he will find a way to stop her from telling Molly and Jack.

Lucy, Aaron and Alison decide they will not return to Oakdale until the charges against Aaron are dropped. When Lucy says she will not leave Aaron, Katie makes up her mind to let them go a little longer and convinces Simon to do the same. Katie gives Lucy money and tells her to call her. The kids go off.

Before Jack goes to drop the baby off to visit with Julia, he tells Carly that Julia has moved into Carly’s old house.