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As the World Turns Monday 11/11/02

By Loretta

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Hal phones Emily from Pennsylvania, he mentions that Alison auctioned off Lucy’s jacket since the kids probably needed money. Margo and Tom arrive to inform Emily she is coming home with them since James Stenbeck is back in Oakdale.

Bonnie tells Ben she cannot understand how a man like James is free and Paul is behind bars. Marshall, attempting to convince Jessica not to represent Paul, tells Jessica it is necessary for him to convict Paul. Tired of hearing his reasons for working with James, Jessica tells him to go to hell.

Mike meets up with Molly at the Lakeview bar. Molly tells Mike she is sorry she seems afraid of a commitment with him. Molly lets on that she feels Carly cheated on Jack, as she can see it on Carly’s face. Molly and Mike see Rosanna arrive.

At the hospital, John tries to calm Carly’s nerves about Jack possibly being the father of Julia’s baby. Carly tells John she still cannot shake her bad feelings about Julia and the baby. Watching Jack give attention to the baby, Julia tells him she is glad they are bonding. Julia apologizes to Jack for raping him and trying to kill him during her last visit to Oakdale.

Watching Henry and Rosanna sit and chat, Molly figures out that Henry was the one who broke into her apartment and stole her check copy. Molly approaches them.

Emily tells Hal she will not move in with Margo and Tom, but Margo is insisting she will since James is back in town and there is no guarantee Emily is safe. Emily tells Margo she is afraid she will not get along with her if they are in the same house.

Still in the courtroom, Barbara offers Marshall a lot of money if he will save Paul from being convicted. Marshall tells Barbara to stay out of this, and reminds her that he knows everything. Aware of what he means, Barbara backs off. Marshall informs Kim she will be served a subpoena in the Paul Ryan case.

Jessica lies and tells Ben everything is ok. They hug. Having a plan to possibly help Paul, Bonnie asks Lucinda for a photo of James. Lucinda agrees and gets one for her. Bonnie visits with Jessica, who tells her daughter that just because she made a mistake by having an affair with Marshall, does not mean she does not have any values. Jessica says she trusts “the system” and that is why she is representing Paul.

After completing his DNA test, Jack tells Carly that Julia cannot accept the fact that he moved on with his life and she is still unable to deal with the baby she lost. Alone in the laboratory, Julia pretends to get short of breath. When the concerned technician leaves to get help, Julia switches the blood vials.

Emily apologizes to Margo for her affair with Tom. Margo tells Emily she can stay in Adam’s room and since she is still recovering from her transplant, Emily can do the cooking. Emily agrees. Before Emily moves in with Tom and Margo, she visits Will in the hospital. Unfortunately an angry Barbara shortens Emily’s visit.

Margo picks up the phone at Emily’s to speak with Hal. Margo mentions to Hal how Will was admitted to the hospital with burns on his fingers, so he could have started the fire, but Hal quickly tells her to forget it and hangs up.

After her heated confrontation with Mike, Rosanna figures out that it is Mike, who cheated with Carly.

After Julia switches the blood vials for the DNA test, John arrives to check on her. Julia states she is feeling better.