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As the World Turns Friday 11/8/02

By Loretta

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Margo and Katie get good news regarding their medical exam. Simon announces he must reach Aaron before Hal does and feels Will may have started the fire. Katie and Simon tell Margo that when Will was admitted to the hospital the night of the fire, the only part of his body burned were three fingers, which indicate he may have been playing with matches. Katie says Will was frightened, so he may have lied about Aaron. Margo mentions that Holden told her that he had caught Will in some lies so she agrees to mention this to Hal.

Alison returns to the car with groceries. Aaron is angry as Alison bought junk food and only gave him some change back from the $20.00 bill he gave he. Alison says she needed personal items and has a headache. Aaron yells at Alison and she cries. When Lucy takes Alisonís side, Aaron realizes that Alison is suffering from her monthly female problem. Embarrassed, Aaron takes a walk.

James enters the courtroom as Paulís charges are announced before a judge. James sits down. Marshall asks the judge to deny Paul bail, since Paul tried previously to murder his father (James) and recently swore he would do it again.

After Carly yells at Julia to take her and her bastard son out of her house, Carly apologizes to Jack. After Carlyís outburst Julia feels her baby may be in danger and does not want Carly to touch the baby. Speaking privately with Jack, Julia tells him that his marriage to Carly will be strained when Carly finds out the baby is his.

Called by Marshall to the witness stand, James states that Paul had threatened his life on a number of occasions. As James is speaking, Barbara yells out that James cannot be trusted as she was married to him years ago and that God help her, she married him again (the court is shocked, especially Nancy, Kim and Lisa).

Jack tells Julia how Carly cared for the baby on her wedding night. After Julia goes to feed the baby, Jack announces he will immediately go to the hospital for the paternity test.

Alison thanks Lucy for understanding and tells her she always thought Lucy was so sheltered but she seems to know more about guys than her. Alison asks Lucy to tell her honestly why people donít seem to get along with her. After telling Alison that she is quite an interesting person, Lucy tells Alison that she should listen to people and use her powers in a positive way. They hug.

Barbara gets hysterical in court, causing the guards to lead her away. Barbara runs out of the courtroom. The judge denies Paulís bail and he is handcuffed. As Kim tries to calm Barbara, James asks his wife to dinner that evening. Even though Barbara tells James she hates him, James promises to see her later. Lucinda tells James she was surprised to hear he married again, since his marriages never work out. James tells her Barbara is worth it.

As they prepare to search for Aaron, Katie is not sure if she should accompany Simon, being it is so soon after her surgery. When Simon figures out Aaron is headed for the University of Pittsburgh, Katie makes plane reservations.

Julia, the baby, Carly and Jack arrives at the hospital for the paternity test. Carly tells Julia she will not win this time as she feels the baby is not JackĎs. This sends Julia into a panic attack, so she begins her visual exercises aided by her psychiatrist.

After making sure Alison feels better, Aaron announces they are headed for Pittsburgh.

John helps Jack and the baby prepare for their paternity tests.

Bonnie tells Paul she has an idea that will connect James to Brandyís murder. Marshall tells Jessica that for her safety, she should drop Paulís case, as although he loves Jessica, he will not sacrifice himself to make her proud.