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As the World Turns Thursday 11/7/02

By Loretta

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 Molly tells Carly that Rosanna told her that Carly cheated on Jack the night before her wedding. The way Molly says this makes Carly feel that Molly thinks it is true, which scares Carly, but Molly is kidding. As Carly is saying that this rumor will destroy her and Jack, Jack arrives and asks her what she means.

James orders Marshall to prosecute his son (Paul) until he is convicted or else! Bonnie overhears this. Marshall tells James he does not understand how he can have his own son prosecuted. James tells Marshall he wants Barbaraís heart and she must realize her sonís fate is in her hands until she realizes that no will else loves her as he. James warns Marshall that if he does not accomplish this, he will expose his and Jessicaís porno tape.

At the Lakeview Barbara overhears Kim and Lisa discussing Barbaraís poor parenting skills, which angers Barbara, but she walks over to their table. After informing Kim and Lisa about Paul, Barbara asks them to attend Paulís court appearance in order to give him support. James arrives with three single yellow roses. James gives one to Kim and says she is eternally beautiful, one for Lisa whom he calls eternally young and Barbara, he says belongs to him eternally, then he kisses her cheek. Unable to be in the presence of James, Lisa and Kim leave. When Kim tells James that if they release the charges against him, it will prove there is no justice, James says your absolutely right Auntie Kim. James tells Barbara he doesnít think Kim and Lisa like her. James informs Barbara that he is staying in Oakdale until she realizes she cannot live without him. James calls himself a prisoner of love and reminds Barbara that only she can help their son (Paul). Barbara, disgusted, leaves.

As Jessica tries to sway Paul to allow her to defend him in court, Paul tells her that trusting her would be legal suicide. Paul explains that he feels she is just using him to get even with Marshall. Jessica tells Paul that Marshall is in love with her and she was insane to allow herself to be drawn to him. Paul agrees to let Jessica defend him.

Carly tells Jack that Rosanna is telling garbage about her. Jacks says she cannot take anything that Rosanna says seriously, but he wants to know what Rosanna said. Carly tells him. Molly tells them that Rosanna has nothing else do to but spread lies about Carly, as Rosanna has no life of her own. After Mike and Molly leave, Jack asks Carly if that rumor is true, of course she tells him it is not. As Carly and Jack try to find some time for romance, Julia arrives accompanied by her psychiatrist.

As James makes his way to the Lakeview bar, he sees Bonnie and asks her why she is spying on him. James informs her that he knows she is snooping around with Paul. After Bonnie denies her involvement with Paul, James advises her to go back and peddle cocktails and to stay the hell out of his life.

At the courthouse, Jessica tells Marshall she is defending Paul. Marshall tells Jessica she will lose and as she tries to back away, he grabs her arm. As Jessica tells Marshall to let her go, Ben sees this and grabs Marshall. Ben threatens Marshall by telling him that if he ever puts a hand on Jessica again, he will have to be put back together. Ben is upset when he learns that Jessica is defending Paul. Nancy, Lisa and Kim arrive to give Paul support. Jessica discourages Barbara from entering, but Barbara says she will not abandon Paul.

Molly tells Mike she is concerned that Carly may have cheated on Jack the night before her wedding, and Mike tells her to not dwell on it. Molly tells Mike that if she found out he had been with another woman, she could not handle it.

At Juliaís sight, Carly gets almost hysterical. Julia insists that due to drugs and therapy, she will have a chance to lead a normal life and raise her baby in Oakdale. Julia asks Jack if she can arrange to visit Jack Jr. every morning. After Carly tells Jack she cannot deal with Julia, she screams at Julia to get herself and her bastard son out of her house.

Before the judge, Jessica pleads not guilty for Paul. Marshall announces Paul is dangerous and should be denied bail. Paul sees his father (James) arrive.