ATWT Update Wednesday 11/6/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 11/6/02

By Loretta
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Hal and Craig have donuts and coffee in the car, then find out that the kids' car was spotted near Ohio State University.

Lucy, Alison and Aaron arrive at Ohio State University and visit its famous football stadium. Aaron announces they are low on funds, so Alison comes up with a way to make some cash.

Carly, still surprised that she is Mrs. Jack Snyder, brings Jack his morning coffee. Carly expresses her concern that Julia will be released and given the baby. Mike and Molly arrive with wedding cake, so Jack decides to eat it for breakfast.

Rosanna tells Henry she wants proof that Carly cheated on Jack the night before her wedding. Henry presents her with fingerprints of someone he thinks belong to Craig, but Rosanna tells him Craig was out of town that night. Henry is denied more money from Rosanna for this job.

Jessica dines with Ben and tells him that Brandy's murder and Marshall being elected is all her fault. Ben tries to convince Jessica to take some time off.

Barbara visits Paul in jail and tells him she saw James the previous night.

Barbara tells Paul she feels James will help him.

James Stenbeck arrives at the police station and turns himself in.

Carly feeds Jack wedding cake while Molly takes photos. Jack tells Molly and Mike about Julia's arrival in Oakdale. Molly decides she will shop for baby things, which Carly and Jack will need. After Jack gets a call informing him that James turned himself in, Jack leaves for the station. Carly is afraid James will hurt her again.

Jessica's lunch with Ben is interrupted when she gets a phone call informing her that James turned himself in. Jessica leaves for the police station.

Short on cash, Alison tries begging for money, and announces among a crowd of students that they are the "Oakdale Three," wanted by the police. Encouraged to stop this tactic by Lucy, Alison then suggests they auction off Lucy's blue leather jacket. They do and get $50.00 for it; so now the kids can eat.

Jack reads James the charges he is facing, and then James congratulates Jack on his recent marriage.

James informs Jack that his darling Barbara may not be too helpful in testifying against him. Marshall arrives and explains to Jack that James' file is a useless case and that Barbara will never testify against James, since she became his wife (again) this past April, and that without her testimony, there is no case. After hearing Marshall announce he cannot prosecute James, Jessica asks to speak to Marshall. Jessica tells Marshall that he betrayed her. Marshall explains that the James Stenbeck case is personal and he has been under pressure, and he could not help falling in love with her.

After Paul explains to Barbara about what happened on the night of Brandy's murder (that his dad James framed him), James is brought into an adjoining cell and is delighted at seeing Barbara and their son (Paul). Barbara tells James that she despises him for doing this to Paul.

As Molly leaves to go baby shopping, she tells Mike to stay with Carly. Carly tells Mike she is afraid Rosanna will find out about her and Mike's night of sex. Mike says he will stop Rosanna.

Running into Molly at the Lakeview, Rosanna tells her that Carly cheated on Jack the night before her wedding and she hates having a slut for a sister.

While Lucy and Aaron gaze into each other's eyes, Alison feels neglected. A student comes over to Lucy and Aaron and advises them to take "the long walk," which will guarantee their love lasts forever. After the lovebirds take this walk on campus, they kiss.

James announces to Paul that Barbara became Mrs. James Stenbeck once again. Barbara tells Paul she had to marry James in Singapore, since she had no money or passport and James could have had her put in jail. After Barbara tells James she hates him, James is released from jail. On his way out, James says to Jack that so far, Marshall Travers is an impressive D.A.

Jessica figures out that James is controlling Marshall. Marshall tells Jessica that when this is over, he will be with her; then Jessica slaps him in the face. Seeing Jessica leave the station, James tells her that he loved the tape. Jessica tells Paul that she will represent him.

A student tells Craig and Hal that he just saw Lucy a few minutes ago, but she turns out to be the girl who won Lucy's blue jacket.  

After Jack tells Marshall his displeasure at James' release, Marshall tells him he would hate to fire anybody during his first week in office. As Marshall leaves the station, James is waiting for him to tell him to be sure that Paul doesn't ruin his relationship with Barbara.

Back from baby shopping, Molly tells Carly what Rosanna said, that Carly cheated on Jack the night before her wedding.

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