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As the World Turns Tuesday 11/5/02

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Carly changes the baby’s diaper and gives Jack a list of things needed to buy for the baby. Jack says nothing feels right about the baby. Jack tells Carly that he already started the process to have the baby’s DNA tested.

Tom arrives at the police station and tells Margo he cannot represent Paul, as he is too booked. Marshall is on his way to interrogate Paul regarding Brandy’s murder. Paul tells Tom he did not kill Brandy but was set up by his father, James Stenbeck.

Julia arrives at the police station and expects bail. Margo tells her no way. Shortly, Julia’s personal psychiatrist and legal counsel arrive and present legal documentation, which will release Julia in their care. The psychiatrist tells Margo that during Julia’s pregnancy, she responded well to psychiatric therapy.

After hugging her mother (Jessica), Bonnie reminds her that she slept with the man (Marshall) who probably killed Brandy. Bonnie tries to tell Jessica that Marshall will help James Stenbeck go free and that Brandy was Marshall’s spy and when she got in the way, Marshall probably killed her.

Jack feels that Julia may have lied about the baby being pre-mature. Carly asks Jack that if the baby turns out to be his, can he deal with it. Jack says he does not have an answer now, but is afraid he will resent the baby.

Still at the wedding reception, Mike and Molly decide to bring Jack and Carly their wedding cake the next day so they can eat it on their first anniversary. Molly promises Mike she will never lie to him again or give him half-truths.

Barbara tells Kim that Paul was arrested for murder and that James is back and wants her. Kim agrees to stay with Will in the hospital and tells Barbara to help Paul.

Although he cannot represent him, Tom agrees to remain with Paul when Marshall questions him. Paul tells Tom how he taped Jessica and Marshall making love and threatened to make the tape public, unless Marshall delivered James to him, but now James has the tape and will use it to gain his freedom.

Barbara arrives at Fairwinds to find a candle lit dinner, violin music and James Stenbeck waiting for her. Ignoring James’ words of love, Barbara tells him that Paul has been accused of murder. When Barbara asks James to help Paul, James says he will and leave Oakdale, but only if Barbara comes with him.

Bonnie tells Jessica that she will prove Marshall is involved with James and with Brandy’s murder. After Jessica states she will not admit to the police about her involvement with Marshall, Bonnie tells her she is ashamed of her.

After questioning Paul about Brandy’s murder, Marshall tells Paul he will ask the judge for a charge of murder in the first degree. Bonnie arrives to see Paul and tells him she will get him out of this mess.

Jack tells Carly that he cannot believe how well she has accepted Julia popping up with a baby. After Jack lights candles and puts on music, he makes love to Carly.

Molly tells Mike that she never thought he would forgive her. Mike feels guilty when Molly tells him he is like Superman. They kiss.

After her daughter (Bonnie) tells her she is ashamed of her, Jessica cries. Later Jessica tells Ben there is something she must do.

The psychiatrist tells Margo that Julia will spend the night in Oakdale Memorial’s psychiatric ward and after an evaluation, she will be released in his care. After the doctor explains how Julia responded well to medication, Julia says “better living through chemistry.” Before Julia leaves, she phones Jack to see how the baby is doing.

After interrupting his quiet time with Carly, Jack hangs up the phone on Julia. The baby starts to cry.

Barbara threatens James to tell the police everything. As James asks Barbara if she will tell the police all of their secrets, he presents her a small red box, which contains a gold wedding band. James reminds Barbara, who he now calls Mrs. Stenbeck, that a wife cannot be forced to testify against her husband. James and Barbara married (again) in Singapore.