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As the World Turns Monday 11/4/02

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Aaron stops Lucy and Alison from getting too excited about hiding out at a drive-in theater by reminding them he is in serious trouble. After Aaron goes to get pizza, Lucy tells Alison that she has never seen Aaron so upset. Alison says Aaron is suffering from sexual tension.

Isaac tries to stop Bonnie from going after Paul. Bonnie refuses to tell Isaac what is on that tape.

Carly throws her bridal bouquet and Julia catches it. Julia tells Carly that she caught her bouquet since Carly caught her man (Jack). Margo arrests Julia. Julia apologizes and says to Jack that she has a gift for him: a baby.

As Paulís vision is blurring (he was drugged), James coaxes him on as Paul points his trigger on James. Paul shoots twice. Outside the door, Bonnie hears these shots, she phones the police. Bonnie enters the room to find an unconscious Paul and a body on the floor.

Back from the wedding, Simon presents Katie with a car (Nancyís vintage car) as his anniversary present. Lucinda arrives and asks them to find Lucy for her. Lucinda insists that they begin the search that evening and mentions how Lucy, Alison and Aaron were spotted at a college in Indiana, so they could blend in easily with the crowd. Simon agrees to begin the search for Lucy.

Jack and Carly confront Julia, who apparently has come to Oakdale to turn herself in and to be sure the baby is taken care of. Afterwards Carly tells Mike that Julia is her punishment for having sex with him. Molly announces the bride and grooms first dance, and Jack and Carly take to the dance floor. Isaac asks Jessica what is on that tape, but Jessica says that is between her daughter (Bonnie) and her.

Alison tells Lucy that she is a distraction to Aaron and that she should go home. When Aaron gets back to the car, Alison tells him that Lucy wants to go home. After Lucy asks Aaron if they should go home, he explains that he canít until his name is cleared. When Lucy mentions he is suffering from sexual tension, Aaron says that there is more to them than sex and he will wait forever for her. They kiss.

Barbara asks Margo what she intends to do about James being back in Oakdale. Lisa then informs Margo about the shooting in room 421. Barbara and Margo arrive in room 421 to find Paul, Bonnie and a dead Brandy. Ben arrives and checks Paul out. Paul explains to Margo how he blacked out and that Brandy was supposed to lead him to James. Margo explains that Paul will be arrested, as he was the one holding the gun.

Tom arrives at room 421 where Margo informs him on the Brandy murder case. After being told by Jessica that a young woman was shot this evening at the Lakeview, Marshall guesses it was Brandy. Jessica asks him if he has been working with James all along. Marshall says nothing.

After the guests have left the wedding, Jack and Carly postpone their honeymoon to take care of Jack Jr. Jack tells Julia he will take the baby home. Julia, insisting the baby is Jackís, explains the baby was born on September 7th, prematurely and she almost died giving birth to him. Julia says goodbye to Jack Jr. and is taken away to the police station.

Barbara tells Paul that James visited her that evening and he wanted to take her away with him. Paul tells his mother that James took the tape with him. Barbara tells Paul that James is doing this to make her suffer, then Paul reminds Barbara that she is thinking about only herself again. Paul tells Barbara (his mother) he does not want her help.

Marshall meets with James at Fairwinds. As James flashes the tape in front of Marshall, he tells him that if ever gives him an ultimatum again; he will ruin him and tell the whole world what a slut Jessica Griffin is.

Carly and Jack arrive home with the baby. Jack, disgusted, tells Carly how he had no idea of spending his wedding night with a baby. Carly reminds Jack that they never do things the ordinary way.