ATWT Update Friday 11/1/02


As the World Turns Friday 11/1/02

By Loretta

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Paul prepares to meet James. Paul carries a gun and the videotape.

As Barbara sits with Will in the hospital, the lights go off. Out pops James Stenbeck holding a bouquet of flowers. Dressed in a tuxedo, James tells Barbara that he had a passionate reason for returning to Oakdale, to take her away with him.

At the wedding, Jessica gets cold stares from her daughter Bonnie. Margo and Jack discuss the teddy bear which was left on his desk, they believe it is from Julia. Before Carly walks down the aisle, Rosanna tells her that she will tell Jack that Carly slept with another man unless she walks away from Craig, Jack and Monte Carlo. Rosanna tells Carly she is doing this as Carly ripped happiness from her before so she has this coming to her.

At Franklin University Hal and Craig ask Mitch if he has seen Lucy and Aaron. Mitch says no. Asking another student the same question, they learn that Aaron and Lucy were there a few minutes ago.

Rosanna and Carly stop their arguing when Jack arrives. Margo instructs an officer to find out where the teddy bear was sent. The wedding starts with Molly walking out carrying a peach bouquet. Carly, in her strapless gown walks out carrying a red bouquet. Parker walks over to her so she walks down the aisle holding her son’s hand. Jack and Carly join hands.

James tells Barbara he forgives her for freeing Emily and stabbing him in Singapore. James explains to Barbara that while he was in the hospital getting treated for her stab wounds, he realized he loved her. Barbara tells James he is insane. James tells Barbara that they are a perfect match and he will be a great stepfather to Will.

After leaving the hospital, James (dressed as Count Dracula) meets with Marshall. Marshall tells James that he wishes to protect Jessica so he will not drop the charges against him unless he gets the tape back from Paul. James instructs Marshall to keep their court date, as he will deal with Paul.

After yelling at the guard outside Will’s hospital room, a nervous Barbara arrives at the wedding and tells Margo she just spoke with James.

As the justice of the peace begins the ceremony, Jack and Carly ask her if she can hurry up. Speaking their own vows, Jack tells Carly he does not want to be part of a world without her. After telling Jack he has guts for marrying her, Carly tells Jack she never knew what real love was until she met him. They exchange rings and are pronounced man and wife. Carly yells out finally! Parker runs over to Carly and she hugs him.

Isaac asks Bonnie why she is so angry with her mother. Bonnie will not say. Margo tells Jack that the bear was purchased in Colorado (where Jack and Carly’s honeymoon was to be spent). Carly tells Mike that Rosanna knows she spent the night with some man other than Craig or Jack and threatened to tell Jack. Mike says he will stop Rosanna. Katie tells Emily and Holden that when Will was admitted to the hospital the night of the fire, he already had burns on his fingertips, which may indicate he had been playing with matches. Emily, since she is a journalist, agrees to work with Katie and Simon.

Aaron switches his motorcycle for a Volkswagen bug car. As Aaron, Lucy and Alison see Craig and Hal coming, they speed off.

Paul arrives at the wedding and Bonnie tells him she knows what is on the tape. Paul rushes off to meet Brandy at the Lakeview.

Finding out that the teddy bear was sent from Colorado, Jack suggests to Carly they honeymoon in Cancun instead. Carly agrees.

Arriving at the Lakeview, Paul has a drink and learns from Brandy that he is to go up to a room and wait for instructions, then he is to hand the tape over to her. On his way up to the room, Paul starts to feel ill and his eyes get blurry (he realizes his drink was drugged). When he opens the door, he finds James waiting for him. Paul, pointing his gun at James, gets more ill.

Isaac demands that Bonnie tell him what is going on.

At the wedding, the single ladies congregate to catch Carly’s bouquet. Carly tosses her red bouquet and it is caught - by Julia!