ATWT Update Thursday 10/31/02


As the World Turns Thursday 10/31/02

By Loretta

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Craig and Hal search the motel room where Lucy and Aaron had spent the night. Phone records made by Lucy indicate she made calls to Indianapolis’ Franklin College. Hal realizes that Lucy and Aaron are hiding out at various colleges since they will blend in with the age group.

Margo gives out special Halloween instructions to the officers. Katie and Simon arrive and tell Margo they are trying to find out who started the fire at the Snyder barn to help out Lucy and Aaron. Katie says they need Will’s medical records and Margo agrees to help them. Margo finds the teddy bear on Jack’s desk and realizes it may be from Julia.

It is Carly’s wedding day. Jack arrives at the wedding and meets up with Holden. Holden explains that since Lily is on bed rest, she can not make the wedding.

Carly is haunted by the memories of her night with Mike. Molly arrives and tries to calm Carly’s wedding day jitters.

Bonnie arrives at the wedding with Isaac, followed soon by Ben and Jessica, who immediately speaks alone to her daughter (Bonnie). Jessica tells Bonnie that whatever was between her and Marshall is now over. Bonnie says she now realizes that x-rated footage of Jessica and Marshal is on Paul’s tape. Bonnie tells Jessica that she used to think she was something special, but now realizes that Jessica is like everyone else.

Emily arrives at the wedding and wishes Carly good luck. Carly tells Emily that she doesn’t deserve Jack. Emily tells Holden that she is terrified of what Hal may do if he does catch Aaron.

Mike meets up with Kim at the Lakeview to inform her that he will be pulling out of the burn unit project since he found out that Molly funded it. Kim tells Mike that even without Molly’s donation, Bob had intended to give the project to him, as he was the best choice. Kim further tells Mike that Molly only made the donation to help him since she does love him and a woman should be able to help out a man. This makes Mike think she may be right.

Lucy and Aaron arrive at Franklin College and are met by Alison. Lucy tells Alison she will get in their way. Hurt by Lucy’s words, Alison says she will go off on her own, but Aaron soon convinces her to stay with them. Alison hugs Aaron. To keep from being recognized, Alison suggests to Lucy that she get a crew cut, then Aaron says Lucy’s hair will stay the way it is.

Henry tells Rosanna that he found a lab that can match the fingerprints on Carly’s glasses. Rosanna runs into Jack and tells him that Craig never came home the night before. Jack tells Rosanna that Craig was not home as he left town with Hal to search for Lucy and Aaron. Rosanna then phones Henry to inform him that Craig is not the man Carly spent the night with.

Mike runs into Molly and tells her he realized she was only trying to help him when she made the donation. Mike asks Molly if she will let him back in her life. They hug and kiss.

Jack surprises Carly as she prepares to walk down the aisle. After Jack expresses his happiness to Carly, he mentions his conversation with Rosanna. This worries Carly.

Tom arrives at the station to bring the dress Margo will wear to Jack’s wedding. Margo tells Tom about the teddy bear, which indicates Julia, may be in town.

Molly arrives on Mike’s arm to see Carly. John arrives with little Parker and wishes Carly luck. Simon and Katie arrive and tell Holden that they found out that Will was admitted to the hospital with burns on his fingertips which may indicate he had been playing with matches. Holden tells them that Will is a troubled boy.

Aaron meets up with Mitch (a friend of Brady) who gives him the name of a guy who may be able to exchange Aaron’s motorcycle for a car. After Lucy, Alison and Aaron leave, Hal arrives on the campus and questions Mitch.

Margo and Tom arrive at the wedding. Margo shows Jack the teddy bear, which they think, is from Julia. Carly dressed in her bridal attire gets photographed with Molly for Blushing Bride magazine. When Rosanna shows up Carly tells her to leave. Rosanna tells Carly that she knows she had sex with another man and she intends to find out who that was and ruin her life.