ATWT Update Wednesday 10/30/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 10/30/02

By Loretta

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Trick or treaters arrive at the police station, followed by Paul. Margo retrieves a gun from Paul and advises him to stay away from James.

Jessica arrives at Marshall’s swearing in ceremony. Marshall tells Jessica that as long as he is alive, he will not let that tape hurt her.

Molly is at the Lakeview, the location of Jack and Carly’s wedding. Molly tells their wedding planner that the wedding still may be on.

Rosanna meets with Henry at the Lakeview. Henry informs Rosanna that Carly was at Monte Carlo all night with a man, working up a sweat. Rosanna can’t believe Carly would cheat on Jack the night before her wedding.

After sharing a night of passion, Carly wakes up on the floor with Mike. Carly has a headache and thinks she is waking up with Jack, then she sees Mike next to her. Both awaken and realize what happened. Carly wonders how she could have cheated on Jack with Mike. Mike reminds Carly that since Jack called off their wedding and he broke up with Molly, they were both hurting. Mike tells Carly he feels they both have chemistry between them, then Jack knocks on the door. As they quickly get dressed, Carly hides Mike and the empty bottles. Jack apologizes and asks Carly if she will still marry him.

Henry tells Rosanna that he saw clothes all over the floor and could hear Carly laughing and gasping for air with a man he believes was Craig. Rosanna wants proof.

Margo tells Paul to let the police handle James as they have a warrant for his arrest. Paul says he has not heard from Rose in a while and he feels responsible for James’ actions. Paul insists he will handle James (his dad).

Bonnie arrives at the induction ceremony. Marshall is sworn in as D.A. and is congratulated by Jessica. Paul arrives and tells Marshall that if he does not keep his word about James, he will release the tape.

Carly tells Jack that Craig freaked out since Lucy disappeared, that is why he had his arms around her. Jack explains how the thought of never seeing her again filled him with emptiness. Jack and Carly both say I love you. Jack asks Carly if she will still marry him. Carly says of course. Jack tells Carly about Molly and Mike breaking up and how Molly is part of the reason he is here, as Molly told him about true love.

Rosanna arrives at Jack and Carly’s wedding hall and asks Molly how things with Mike are coming along. Molly tells her that Mike never wants to see her again.

After Jack leaves, Carly tells Mike she feels disgusting for having cheated and lied to Jack. Mike agrees to keep his night of passion with Carly a secret.

Jack arrives at the station and tells Margo the wedding is still on. Margo tells Jack how Paul was just there and is obsessed with taking James (his dad) on himself. Jack shows Margo the baby T-shirt, which was a wedding gift, and says he feels it may be from Julia as she may have been pregnant when she left Oakdale. A tall ghost arrives following little trick or treaters. This ghost leaves something on Jack’s desk (a teddy bear holding a balloon which says “Daddy’s Little Trooper”).

Carly tells Mike he needs to apologize to Molly. Mike says he will think about it but he is not sorry for making love to Carly. After Mike leaves, Molly arrives and learns the wedding is still on. Molly gives Carly a pair of diamond earrings and a handkerchief she wore at her wedding to Jake. Molly tells Carly she is like her heart mate and she will always be there for her. Carly and Molly hug.

Henry retrieves Carly’s empty wine glasses and presents them to Rosanna as proof. Rosanna says these are not enough.

Marshall tells Jessica not to worry as things are going to happen and that he cares for her very much. As Jessica is embracing Marshall’s face, Bonnie walks in and sees them.

At the wedding hall where Jack and Carly’s wedding is to take place, a man dressed as Count Dracula walks in. The attendant tells this him the Halloween party is in another room and a wedding will be held in this room. This man disguised as Count Dracula is James Stenbeck who says “how bloody delightful.”