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As the World Turns Tuesday 10/29/02

By Loretta
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In their motel room, Lucy tells Aaron how the registration clerk assumed she was checking in to meet a man. This worries Aaron, so he tells Lucy to call her father to get her.

Molly meets Jack at the wedding location. The table is full of presents. Jack tells Molly how he found Carly with Craig’s arms around her and how she is turning their wedding into a publicity stunt for Monte Carlo. Molly tries to convince Jack to marry Carly.

After Mike tells Carly she knew all along about Molly’s check, Carly tells him that Jack called off their wedding. Mike sits down and joins Carly for a drink. Carly tells Mike how Molly only made the hospital donation because she loves him and he (Mike) has acted like a jerk about it.

Arriving at the police station with Margo, Jessica informs her that Paul is blackmailing her with a video, which shows her and Marshall being intimate. Jessica asks Margo if she can get Paul to stop this blackmail. Margo tells Jessica how she has a right to do anything she wants with Marshall; she is not married to Ben.  Jessica also tells Margo that she needs to see if Ben is the right one for her. Margo hugs Jessica and agrees to speak to Paul.

Hal and Craig find out that Lucy used a credit card to purchase gas.  This leads them to find out their location. The store clerk informs them that he heard Aaron and Lucy say they needed to stop to rest, which leads them to believe they must have checked into a motel. This upsets Craig.

Aaron tries to fix the television in the room, wondering if he and Lucy’s disappearance has made the news and if they will be recognized. Lucy showers.

At Java Underground, Lisa and Isaac see Brandy talking to Paul. Isaac tries to throw Brandy out, but Paul insists he is discussing business with her. Kim arrives and sees Paul hiding a gun in his jacket. Brandy tells Paul that she has a message from Marshall, which is that his father (James Stenbeck) is arriving in Oakdale tomorrow night, and he wishes to see him. Paul does not believe Brandy. After Brandy leaves, she phones Marshall and tells her that Paul almost pulled a gun on her and she wants out. Paul tells Brandy that he will agree to James’ meeting.

Molly advises Jack to imagine his life without Carly, and Jack tells her that she has done this without Jake. Molly tells Jack how Mike left her after finding out she made the hospital donation, which would give him a job in Oakdale. Molly asks Jack to imagine if Carly were to die tomorrow, would he still feel the same way as he does.

Seeing Carly’s tipsy condition, Mike tries to prevent her from helping herself to another bottle of alcohol. While Carly continues to drink, Mike tells her how he told Molly he loves her, but she never told him this back. Rosanna comes up in their discussion. Carly tells Mike that if he can forgive Rosanna then he should forgive Molly. Carly starts talking about true love and how Jack no longer loves her.

After picking up some food, Aaron walks in on Lucy wearing a towel. Getting excited, Aaron tries to get his mind off Lucy. As Lucy prepares for bed, Aaron tells her she looks sexy in her T-shirt. Lucy giggles.

Both drinking too much, Mike and Molly feel too hot, so Mike unbuttons his shirt. The lights go off in their building, which makes Carly say that now she is drunk and blind. They both sit in the dark and laugh. Henry is outside their door spying for Rosanna. As Henry is about to take a picture of Carly and Mike, he is pulled away by a security guard. After telling Mike her frustrations about Jack, Carly sits quietly in the dark with Mike. They kiss.

Lisa and Kim wonder what Paul is up to while he is talking with Brandy. Kim phones Margo and tells her she saw a gun in Paul’s jacket.

At Java Underground, Bonnie asks Jessica (her mother) what the tape Paul has has to do with her. Jessica is prevented from answering this question as Ben arrives. Jessica leaves with Ben.

Lucy and Aaron sleep in separate bunk beds in the same room. Lucy asks Aaron to stay next to her until she falls asleep. Aaron does.

Standing at the table full of wedding gifts, Molly convinces Jack to open one of them. Jack opens a gift bag, which contains a baby T-shirt that says “I Love My Daddy.” This makes Jack think it may be from Julia.