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As the World Turns Monday 10/28/02

By Loretta
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Molly tells Mike the truth about the donation she made to the hospital burn unit. Shocked, Mike tells her he has been in love with a stranger all these months. Molly says she did this because she was afraid she would lose him if he left Oakdale for a job. Mike informs her that she should have trusted him. Molly tells Mike that after she lost Jake and her two daughters, she had no reason to live, then Mike showed up.  He was the only thing that made her want to continue living. Mike tells Molly that this was what Rosanna had been trying to tell him all along. As Mike leaves, Molly pleads with him to stay, but Mike tells her that he does not care and can do whatever the hell what she wants. Molly cries.

When Hal arrives at the hospital, Barbara tells him it may be a good idea if he posts a guard outside of Will’s room because she fears Aaron may come back and hurt the boy. Hal agrees. As Hal leaves, she sarcastically tells Emily that Alison is sure to come between her and Hal, so Emily’s days as Mrs. Munson are numbered. When Emily sees Hal, she tells him Barbara is driving her nuts.

Craig, feeling the strain of Lucy running off, yells at Carly, telling her she made sure Lucy and Aaron saw one another without him knowing it. After their heated argument, Carly starts to cry, then Craig comforts her and apologizes. Sitting together on the couch, Carly tells Craig no matter what happens, Lucy will always love him, as a girl’s first love is her father. As Craig has his arms around Carly, Jack walks in. Angry, Jack says this is just what he needs. Next, Jack tells Carly how the magazine changed their honeymoon location from Aspen to Monte Carlo. Carly insists she has no desire to make their honeymoon public. Jack tells her that since she has never shown up for any of their wedding planning appointments, it seems as though she is trying to avoid marrying him. Jack tries asking Carly to elope now, but Carly says she cannot do that as too many people are involved with this wedding. Frustrated, Jack tells Carly the wedding is off. After Jack has left, Craig offers to help, but Carly says to stay out of it and to let Lucy know how much he loves her. Craig leaves.

At Webster University, Lucy and Aaron convince Brady and his friends to keep quiet about having seen them. Brady suggests Aaron and Lucy head for Indiana. Soon Alison arrives and sees Brady and his friends. At first Brady denies having seen Aaron and Lucy, but after Alison gets a glimpse of Aaron’s bandana and convinces them she is here to help them, Brady tells Alison that Aaron and Lucy are headed for Franklin College in Indiana. Brady says he can get Alison a ride there.

Craig arrives at the hospital and tells Hal he will accompany him to look for Aaron and Lucy. Emily thinks this is a good idea. Hal agrees to have Craig come along. Hal and Emily kiss goodbye.

Molly packs her bags to leave Mike’s house. Before she leaves, she tries to phone Carly, but only gets her answering machine.

When Jack arrives back at the police station, his co-workers surprise him with a party. Jack tells them the wedding is called off.

Depressed, Carly sits alone in her office at Monte Carlo, drinking and toasting to “having it all and losing it.” An angry Mike arrives, and tells Carly that she knew about Molly’s check all along and wouldn’t tell him.