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As the World Turns Friday 10/11/02

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Jack walks in on Carly who is absorbed in an old movie on TV. After Jack shuts the TV off, Carly tells him this movie she was watching, “To Catch A Thief”, is the perfect image for her wedding.

Molly and Mike arrive back from the Groundbreaking Ceremony to find that her apartment was broken into.

Rosanna places Molly’s cancelled check in her purse and runs into Craig. Craig tells her she is obsessed with Mike. Rosanna tells Craig he insists Lucinda Walsh made the hospital donation, to help Molly out, as she is Carly’s cousin.

When Barbara hears Hal say that Aaron Snyder is to blame for the fire, she says he must make Aaron pay for what he did to Will. Emily insists that Aaron would not do such a thing. This makes Barbara mad, and she tells Emily not to interfere. Hal tells Barbara to get used to Emily being here.

Mike cannot understand why Molly doesn’t want him to call the police. Mike asks Molly to spend the night at his house, until the locks on her apartment door are changed.

Carly goes through her new wedding idea preparations with Jack. Jack gets a phone call from Mike asking him to come over as Molly’s apartment was broken into. Carly leaves for her office to get wedding ideas off of the Internet. Jack arrives to check out Molly’s apartment.

Hal tells Emily and Barbara they must all try and get along. Ben sits and chats with Will, telling him maybe he doesn’t wake up because of all the stress he has gone through with his family lately. Ben says by looking at them, he can understand why. Barbara overhears this. Later, Ben advises Hal and Emily that Will must be kept calm.

Rosanna tells Craig that he can’t stop thinking about Carly. Once their little bickering ends, Rosanna agrees to meet Craig later at her suite. Rosanna runs into Jack who is waiting for Carly to finish up their wedding banquet plans. When Rosanna asks Jack if Carly and Molly are close, Jack replies they are.

Emily tells Hal that Will being hurt in the fire would have not happened if he had been staying with them. Hal insists that Barbara would never hurt Will intentionally, yet he worries about the boy’s safety. Emily tells Hal she is tried of Hal’s excuses for Barbara, and he must not let her push him to the edge again.

Molly tells Mike she can’t stay overnight at his place as they may be moving too fast in their relationship. Mike reminds her it will only be for one night, so she agrees. As Molly gets settled in at Mike’s place, an officer arrives and brings Molly a stack of her bank receipts. The officer says he found them under her couch, and it appears the person who broke into her apartment had searched through them. Molly looks through this stack and realizes the checks are out of sequence, and the check she wrote to the hospital is missing. Instantly she realizes Rosanna had something to do with this.

Craig runs into Carly at their office. Carly tells Craig she is going through various designs for her “Night in Monaco” wedding. Craig says this is a good idea and that her wedding will put their company on the map. Craig explains how Monte Carlo is in Monaco and how they can use her wedding to introduce their line. Carly says no way. Craig phones their PR person to tell them to go ahead with the publicity for Carly’s wedding. Craig says he will change Carly’s mind.

Rosanna daydreams that Mike broke up with Molly, and she comforts him. Craig enters, and Mike tells him to be good to her, as he himself is waiting for Rosanna. Rosanna smiles.

Barbara sits with Will and talks to him. Outside the room, Hal and Emily and talking, soon they hear screams coming from Will’s room. They run inside to find Will choking Barbara.