ATWT Update Thursday 10/10/02


As the World Turns Thursday 10/10/02

By Loretta
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Aaron cannot figure out why Abigail told Hal what he said about him becoming a hero in order to remain in Oakdale.

Henry meets with Rosanna at the Lakeview, and tells her he will search through her bank records (Rosanna hired him to find out who made the donation to the hospital burn unit). Craig arrives for breakfast.

Abigail tells Molly she told the police about Aaron’s remarks about being a hero, and now he and Lucy are furious with her. Molly tries to reassure her by saying the police need hard evidence to press charges against someone. Mike arrives to pick up Molly for the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

After they leave, Henry breaks into Molly’s apartment, and searches through her personal belongings. He locates her cancelled check made out to Oakdale Memorial for the burn unit donation.

Barbara sits with an unconscious Will in ICU. Emily walks in, and is rudely greeted by Barbara, soon they bicker. Hal arrives and greets Emily. John enters with news that Will should regain consciousness soon, but there is a chance he may have permanent brain damage.

Lucy tells Aaron he should forgive Abigail for going to the police. Abigail arrives to apologize to Aaron. Lucy immediately asks Abigail how she could think Aaron would start a fire, endangering the lives of Luke and Will. Aaron tells Abigail he never would have started that fire, and she should have known that. Embarrassed, Abigail apologizes to Aaron. They hug.

Susan has lunch with Emily, they discuss Alison. Soon Alison arrives with a new attitude and sweet disposition. Susan and Emily cannot get over Alison’s personality makeover. Alison tells them she had a life altering experience.

After the Groundbreaking Ceremony, Mike and Molly chat with Kim and Bob. Chris walks over and mentions how Rosanna Cabot asked him to find out who made the donation to the hospital burn unit. Mike hears this, gets upset, and approaches Rosanna, who is dining with Craig. As Rosanna is feeding Craig food, Mike asks her why she is so determined to find out who made that donation. Rosanna admits she mentioned this to a few people, but denies that she asked Chris Hughes for information. Mike tells her to stay out of his life. This upsets Craig, and he tells Rosanna that she obviously has her eyes on Mike.

Alison tells Susan and Emily that she will take up manicuring as part of her high school curriculum, get a part time job, take her college prep courses, and be a candy striper at the hospital as she wants to take care of the sick. Susan is glad to see Alison’s transformation, but asks her if she is sure she is cut out to be a candy striper. Alison thinks Susan is ashamed of her and does not want her at the hospital. Susan tells Alison this Florence Nightengale thing isn’t her. This upsets Alison.

Barbara and Hal are upset over the news about Will. Hal and Barbara discuss their relationship and her sour behavior the last few months. Hal tells Barbara to stop pushing people away, that Emily has accepted her in her life and Barbara should do the same. He reminds her that Will cannot continue living in a war zone. Hal asks Barbara to give him a second chance to be friends (Hal takes her hand).

Susan tells Alison she loves the real her, and she should not try to change too much. Susan leaves. When Emily mentions that Will briefly came out of the coma, Alison rushes to the hospital.

Henry meets with Rosanna at the Lakeview, and presents her Molly’s cancelled check made out to Oakdale Memorial Hospital. Rosanna is quite pleased.

At the hospital, Hal is given the forensic lab report from the fire. After he reads this he says Aaron Snyder started this fire. Alison (outside the door) hears this and panics.