ATWT Update Wednesday 10/09/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 10/9/02

By Loretta
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Henry tells Katie and Simon that he would like to name their business, "Early Bird Surveillance ... Wake Up and Smell the Coffee." Katie and Simon are not pleased with this name. Annoyed, Henry leaves, and sits at the bar.

Abigail arrives at Holden’s and is informed by Lucy that she thinks Craig told the police that Aaron is to blame for the fire. Abigail explains it was she who told Hal. Lucy is shocked and cannot understand why Abigail did this to Aaron. Soon the police arrive with search warrants to search Aaron’s room.

Tom arrives at the police station with Holden and Aaron. Alone with Aaron, Tom asks him for the truth. Aaron replies that everything he has said is the truth. Questioned by Hal, Aaron explains that the night of the fire, he pulled up to the barn, smelled fire, heard Luke scream, and got him out.  Then he pulled Will out. When Hal asks Aaron about the matches, Aaron replies that he used them when he camped out on his way from Seattle.

Alison visits Will in ICU, she asks him to please wake up. Barbara (again not in the best of moods) walks in and tells her to get away from Will. Barbara rudely tells Alison that Will can be only visited by immediate family. Alison tells Barbara that since she is so mean, that is the reason Will probably won’t wake up.

Jack walks in on Craig and Carly making a toast to their new business venture. Craig throws the business name Monte Carlo by Jack. Jack says this name is silly, and they should call it Carly Tenney Creations. Jack leaves with Carly for Jessica‘s campaign party.

Jessica reminds Paul that him videotaping Marshall in his room is a crime. Paul tells her she betrayed Oakdale, and if she does not help him, he will expose her relationship with Marshall on tape. Paul tells Jessica that Marshall will let his dad (James) get away with the entire criminal charges against him. Paul asks Jessica to stay close to Marshall and keep tabs on him for the next two weeks. Marshall arrives.

Simon gets a phone call from Lucy who says something terrible has happened, and she will be right over to talk to them. Lucy arrives and tells Simon and Katie how Aaron is a suspect in the Snyder fire, and he needs help proving his innocence. Simon agrees to investigate this for Lucy.

Susan and Emily wait for Alison to arrive at family court. A judge takes them into his office. Alison arrives and a teenage girl walks past her who is held on each arm by two guards. This makes Alison daydream that she is being taking off by two guards to her execution, and she is frightened.

At the Lakeview, Rosanna sits down next to Henry. Henry starts a conversation with her and mentions he is in the private investigation business. Rosanna asks him to locate the person who made the large donation to the hospital’s new burn unit and that she will be very generous.

Marshall’s arrival at Jessica’s campaign party causes a stir, but Jessica agrees to talk with him. Marshall tells her how Paul Stenbeck videotaped him in his room, and asks her if she was in on it. Jessica tells him no and that Paul went to the police with this tape, and they found nothing.

Sitting with Emily and her mom, Alison tells the judge that she gets messed up thoughts in her head and she doesn’t know what to do. Susan interrupts, but the judge reminds her to allow Alison to speak. The judge tells Alison that completing high school is mandatory, and that she has two weeks to get her act together. Alison replies that she is tired of being a screw up and asks the judge for help and not to give up on her.

Jessica tells Marshall that maybe they can be friends and if they are discreet maybe they can re-define friendship.

While Barbara and John are with Will, Will suddenly wakes up (he is dreaming of the fire), but goes back into a coma. Barbara comforts little Will.