ATWT Update Tuesday 10/08/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 10/8/02

By Loretta
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At Jessica’s campaign party, Chris chats with his parents (Kim and Bob), and mentions that Rosanna Cabot asked him to find out who made the large donation to the hospital burn unit.

Ben asks Marshall what he used to blackmail Jessica so she would drop out of the race. Jessica asks Ben to speak alone. Jessica says she dropped out of the race because she was trailing so much in the precinct and could not stand the waiting. Ben does not believe her, and asks if there is another man.

Lucy arrives at Holden and Lily’s house because Aaron has a surprise for her. Aaron tells her that he is going to live with Holden and Lily. They hug. Aaron says he loves living with Holden, Lily, and the kids and has never been happier.

Abigail tells Hal that Aaron said the only way he could remain in Oakdale was if he were to become a hero, but she says Aaron would not have started that fire. Hal believes Aaron thought he would start a small fire, which he could contain, not thinking that Will and Luke would be inside.

Carly is unhappy with Craig’s idea to call the company, Monte Carlo.  She wants to call it Carly Tenney. Craig insists by calling it Carly Tenney, her designs will draw the mobile home crowd. A representative from Women’s Wear Daily phones Craig and asks to have an interview with Carly, but Craig says they are not doing interviews yet. This gets Carly steaming.

At Jessica’s party, Jack mentions to Rosanna that Carly is late. Rosanna reminds him that Carly is in a meeting with Craig. Chris interrupts them to tell Rosanna that Craig Montgomery made the donation to the hospital burn unit. This surprises Rosanna. Bonnie tells Isaac that Paul found nothing on the tape of Marshall in his room.

Margo and Tom arrive at Jessica’s party. When Paul arrives Margo tells him she located James Stenbeck (Paul’s dad) through his prescriptions. Margo says the wounds which James suffered, when Barbara stabbed him, required him to obtain medicine out of the States. James traveled to the Far East, Central America, and is now Mexico, near Brownsville, Texas. Paul insists he will beat his dad at his own game.

Jessica denies to Ben that she is seeing another man and says the constant pressure has gotten the best of her. Jessica starts to cry, and Ben hugs her. Marshall watches them. Ben apologies to Marshall and wishes him good luck.

Hal arrives at Holden’s to question Aaron. Hal explains that there are witnesses who feel Aaron knows more about the fire then he admits. Holden tells Hal that Aaron will not answer any questions until they have their lawyer present. Holden calls Tom Hughes. Aaron asks Lucy how he went from being a hero to a suspect so fast.

Rosanna arrives to interrupt Craig and Carly’s fight, but first she trades insults with Carly. Rosanna says they should call the company Cabot Designs. Carly leaves to let Rosanna have private time with Craig. When Rosanna asks Craig if it is true that he made the large donation to the hospital, Craig denies this, and says it was Lucinda Walsh. They kiss. After Rosanna leaves, Carly tells Craig she likes the name Monte Carlo, and thanks Craig for keeping Molly’s secret (about the hospital donation).

Back in his room, Marshall runs into the maid. The maid explains how the police were there arresting some young man who was watching TV in the broom closet. When the maid describes him to Marshall, he realizes this is Paul Ryan. Later, Marshall locates the hidden camera in his room.

Once Jessica arrives at her campaign party, she is approached by Paul who is holding a videotape. Paul informs Jessica that he has the night she spent with Marshall on tape, and he will do anything to keep his dad (James) from controlling the D.A., so he needs her to do something during her last two weeks as D.A.