ATWT Update Monday 10/07/02


As the World Turns Monday 10/7/02

By Loretta
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Carly meets with Craig in his new corporate office. They chat about their office, and Carly warns Craig to behave himself.  She gave Jack her word that their relationship would remain strictly professional. Carly tells Craig to stay out of her face.

Bob informs Hal that Will’s surgery rid his hematoma, but the youngster is still in a coma. Bob indicates Will’s prognosis should be good. Hal agrees he will tell Barbara this news.

As Aaron visits with his little brother, Luke, Holden asks Aaron to move in with him and Lily. Aaron agrees, and says he can help Lily with the chores.

At The City Times, Bonnie informs Marshall that she knows he placed a phone call to James Stenbeck. Jessica says she will drop out of the D.A. race. Lucinda tries to get Jessica to reconsider this decision, but Jessica insists she will not. Then Bonnie tells her mom (Jessica) that she and Paul may find more information on Marshall, but Jessica tells her to drop this.

As Paul is watching a tape of Marshall, Jack arrives and tells him to freeze. Jack tells Paul he must confiscate his tape and brings him to the police station. When Jack asks Paul for the tape, Paul says he disposed of it.

Hal arrives at Holden’s to question Luke about the fire. Luke recalls the night the fire started, how when he saw the fire, he called for Will, and then Aaron rushed in. When Hal shows Luke the book of matches retrieved from the fire, Luke tells Hal they belong to Aaron. Hal then rushes back to the police station.

Jessica congratulates Marshall, telling him the election is over and so are they. Ben arrives and overhears Marshall tell Jessica that since the election is now over, she can see where her heart takes her. Ben soon makes his presence known, and greets Marshall with hot words. Jessica takes the podium for her press conference, and announces she is conceding the D.A. race. Jessica then speaks well of Marshall Travers and wishes him success.

A delivery man brings in a huge box to Craig’s office. It is the company sign, which bears the name Monte Carlo. Carly hates this and tells Craig so, as she does not want her name associated with him. After she tells Craig she wants to ring his neck, she takes a hammer and breaks the sign.

Jack asks Paul what was on the tape; Bonnie arrives, and tells Jack she saw Marshall on the tape alone in his room. Paul then says that Marshall was alone in his room throughout the entire tape, which he claims he destroyed. Jack lets Bonnie and Paul go.

Hal calls Abigail to the police station, and asks her if Aaron mentioned how the fire started. Abigail replies Aaron did not. After Hal shows Abigail the book of matches he found, Abigail explains how Aaron told her the only way he could possibly be allowed to remain in Oakdale was if he became a hero.

While Marshall is giving his words to the press, he announces he would like to offer Jessica a position in his D.A. office, working with him. Afterwards, Lucinda speaks harshly to Marshall. Jessica tells Marshall she will not work with him. Alone, Marshall tells Jessica he knows she cannot hide the way she feels about him.

Aaron shares chocolate chip cookies, (made by Emma) and a heart to heart talk with his brother, Luke. Holden is pleased to see the two brothers bonding.

Before Paul is allowed to leave, Jack warns him that if Marshall should find the surveillance camera (which is still in Marshall’s room), he will be in big trouble now that Marshall is the new D.A. After Paul leaves, he retrieves the tape of Marshall, which he hid in his sock. While holding this tape Paul says he is going to make Jessica pay.

Ben asks Marshall what he has on Jessica that made her quit the D.A. race.