ATWT Update Friday 10/4/02


As the World Turns Friday 10/4/02

By Loretta
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After discussing their upcoming wedding, Carly realizes that Molly married Jake exactly one year ago. Jack and Carly discuss how unpredictable life is. Carly is afraid that something will go wrong on their wedding day, having to do with Craig or Julia.

Molly asks Mike to take her someplace; she is in a bad way, as this is the day she married Jake one year ago. Molly tells Mike how Jake loved her unconditionally, and how she never would have gotten through his death without him (Mike). Molly asks Mike to help her get through this day.

Jessica answers questions from the press (Lucinda is there). Later, Jessica tells Margo that she slept with Marshall, but now it is over. Margo asks Jessica if she is in love with Marshall, but Jessica says she is not.  Lucinda enters the room to announce Jessica is losing the D.A. race. Marshall arrives and is coldly greeted by Lucinda.

Bonnie tries to convince Paul to shut off the surveillance camera in Marshall’s room, but Paul insists he wants to watch five more minutes of the tape. Just then, the tape machine breaks.

Ben tells Isaac he feels Jessica is seeing someone else, as she acts cool towards him and he has caught her in some lies. Ben insists Jessica is hiding something. Isaac disagrees; he feels Jessica is too honest a woman. Ben is annoyed because Jessica doesn’t answer her cell phone; he wonders where she is.

Lucinda phones Paul to advise him that she will give the publicity he needs, if he finds any information linking Marshall Travers to James Stenbeck, in order to help Jessica win.

Tired of hearing Jack complain about Craig, Carly squirts Jack with a bottle of mustard. When Jack quiets down from the mustard attack, Carly tells him a story of how she sees her and Jack as an elderly married couple with 52 grandchildren. Carly and Jack say, "I love you."

During lunch, Mike gives Molly a VIP invitation to the groundbreaking ceremony for the hospital burn unit. At first Molly says she cannot go, but Mike soon convinces her. They kiss.

A shocked Paul watches the tape of Marshall, and sees Jessica arrive. Paul cannot believe what he sees as he watches Marshall and Jessica make love. Paul puts the tape in his sock. Shortly, Jack arrives, and tells Paul to “freeze.”

Margo leaves, and agrees to meet Jessica later at Java Underground. Margo reminds Jessica to ask Marshall if he is working for James Stenbeck. In another room, Lucinda exchanges angry words with Marshall about James Stenbeck.

Marshall meets alone with Jessica. Jessica tells him she will concede the election, as it is the right thing to do. Marshall apologizes. When Jessica asks Marshall if she has meant anything to him, he says yes. After asking Marshall if he is working for James Stenbeck, Marshall replies that he no longer represents him. Jessica believes him.

As Carly is about to leave the house, Molly runs into her, causing Carly’s designs and papers to fall to the ground. Molly tells Carly she is attending the groundbreaking ceremony for the hospital burn unit. Carly says that is too risky. Molly asks Carly if she can wear one of her designs to the ceremony. As Molly helps Carly pick up her papers, Molly finds a photo of Mike. Molly (a little angry), asks Carly if there is a good reason she has this photo of Mike. Carly thinks Molly is joking, and tells her that Mike stopped by yesterday, and he agreed to try on groom suits for Jack. They laugh.

Marshall asks Jessica if they have any chance for a future relationship. Jessica says no, they are over. As she leaves, Jessica meets Bonnie, and tells her she will concede the election. Marshall receives a phone call from James Stenbeck. James informs Marshall that he is not pleased with his relationship with Jessica, he reminds Marshall that he owns him and not to forget that. Marshall looks slightly frightened.