ATWT Update Thursday 10/3/02


As the World Turns Thursday 10/3/02

By Loretta
Proofread by Nicole

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When Mike arrives at Carly’s, she tells him she wants his body. 

Hal and Jack search thru the fire debris at the Snyder barn searching for clues. Jack asks Hal if he is sure he should head this case, since Will is involved. Hal insists he must. Julie and Caleb proudly look at Aaron’s photo, which made the front page of The City Times. Caleb and Julie present Aaron with a new motorcycle. They tell him it is for obtaining his GED, then Holden says it is also for his courage “under fire.” 

Simon informs Paul that Marshall is onto them, and they must remove the surveillance camera. Paul insists not until he finds something to link Marshall to James Stenbeck. 

Lisa, Bonnie, Isaac, and Ben arrive at Java Underground to wait for the campaign results. Java Underground is decorated with red, white, and blue balloons and campaign photos of Jessica. When Ben mentions he was trying to reach Jessica all night, Bonnie tells Ben that her mom (Jessica) had not been home all night. Jessica awakens in Marshall’s bed (they are still being filmed). When she realizes where she is, she jumps out of bed, and gets dressed quickly. Jessica tells Marshall she is happy with Ben. When Marshall mentions “love,” Jessica replies that what they have done has nothing to do with love. Marshall tells Jessica he cares about what happens to her, and wishes her good luck in the D.A. race. 

Carly asks Mike to model the clothing she designed for Jack to wear at their wedding. Mike walks downstairs wearing Carly’s groom designs. Mike says he feels like a stuffed chicken in this jacket, and feels Jack will be uncomfortable wearing this. Carly tells Jack she just wants to do something special for Jack. 

Abigail arrives at the Snyder barn; she meets Hal and Jack there. Hal asks Abigail if she has any idea how the fire started. Hal tells Abigail that since she knows the people who live nearby and do business at the farm, does she know of any reason why anyone would want to burn the barn? Abigail insists she knows nothing. 

After surprising Aaron with a new bike, Caleb and Julie say goodbye to Aaron. Abigail phones Aaron and asks to meet with him. 

A bored Katie arrives at the Lakeview to meet with Simon (Henry is also there). Katie suggests she and Simon start a private investigation business. Simon is actually thrilled with this idea. Katie says that Frasier & Frasier has a nice ring to it. Henry reminds them he would like to be part of their business. Simon welcomes Henry on board.

Jessica finally arrives at Java Underground. When Ben asks her where she has been all night, she replies she fell asleep in her office, then she says she stayed late at Al’s Diner, to ease her nerves. Bonnie tells Jessica she put a halt to the spy operation. Alone with Jessica, Ben asks her where she really was all night, he points out it is unlike her to not answer her cell phone. 

Carly discusses her and Jack’s relationship with Mike, mentioning how Jack is still angry about her working for Craig Montgomery. Mike tells her to keep trying with Jack. Carly tells Mike that she wonders what their life would have been like if Nora (their daughter) had lived. Mike replies that he is sure they would have made it work out. After Mike leaves, Carly phones Jack to ask him to come home for lunch. After Jack leaves for lunch, Hal continues searching through the fire debris. Soon he finds a matchbook from the Moonlight Diner in Seattle, Washington.

When Ben suggests they go away for a few days, Jessica says she cannot, as she is too nervous about the race. Ben tells Jessica he knows she is seeing someone else, and wants to know who he is. Jessica denies this, and explains she has been acting differently, as the election has turned her life upside down. 

As Paul prepares to watch the tape of Marshall in his room, Bonnie arrives and tells him they must remove the surveillance equipment. Bonnie and Paul then prepare to watch the tape of Marshall. 

Jack arrives home. Carly gives him one of her wedding presents. It is a wooden mailbox with little dolls representing her, Jack, and Parker. Carly says they can add on more little people when their family grows through the years. Jack is touched. 

When Jessica leaves, Ben phones Al’s Diner and is informed that Jessica had not been there the previous night.

Abigail reminds Aaron how the other day, he said the only way he would be able to stay in Oakdale was if he became a hero. Abigail asks Aaron if he started the fire. Aaron says no, and wonders how she could think he would endanger the lives of two children.