ATWT Update Wednesday 10/2/02


As the World Turns Wednesday, 10/2/02

By Loretta
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Henry and Simon plant a surveillance camera in Marshall’s bedroom. Marshall shows Jessica the bugging device, then blares music so their conversation cannot be heard.

Lucy is visiting with her grandmother (Lucinda), and tells her about Aaron. Lucinda gets a phone call from Rosanna, who says an organization would like to name her Woman of the Year, and then she mentions the cash donation to the hospital burn unit. Annoyed, Lucinda tells Rosanna she intends to remain anonymous about the donation, and she should stay out of her business.

Upon learning of Will’s injuries suffered in the fire, Barbara becomes hysterical. Ben tells Barbara that Will has internal bleeding in his brain, and needs surgery, which requires her consent.

Caleb tells Aaron that he has matured over the summer, and he can remain in Oakdale. Later, Holden tells Aaron that he is proud of him, and he loves him. They hug.

Hearing the end of Lucinda’s phone call with Rosanna, Molly and Mike arrive. After Mike leaves the room, Molly thanks Lucinda for pretending that she made the cash donation. Lucinda is glad to help her. Molly tells Lucinda how Rosanna has a clue that she made the donation, and is trying to let Mike know this in order to ruin their relationship. When Mike arrives, he shares a toast with Molly and Lucinda to friendship.

Marshall tells Jessica that Paul and Bonnie planted the bugging device. Angry, Marshall tells Jessica he is sure to win the D.A. race, he leaves. Isaac and Bonnie wonder why Jessica came to Marshall’s room. On her way out the door, Jessica meets Bonnie, and asks her what she has done. Inside the room that is used for this spying operation, Jessica informs Isaac and Bonnie that Marshall found their bugging device, and threatened to go to the police. Jessica says she will tell Marshall she intends to drop out of the race if does not go to the police. Jessica leaves to find Marshall.

At Java Underground, Rosanna sees Chris Hughes. Realizing he is the son of Bob Hughes, she approaches him. Rosanna tells Chris that the Cabot Foundation is interested in creating an endowment for the hospital, but wishes to know who the other big contributors are. Rosanna says unless she knows this, the committee will be difficult to persuade. At first Chris says this information is confidential, but later he asks Rosanna for her cell number.

Still nearly hysterical, Barbara yells at Emily, then Alison yells back at Barbara. Barbara calls Alison a brat. Barbara begins blaming Hal and Paul for Will’s accident. Angry, Paul tells Barbara he feels her trip out of town was spent with James Stenbeck. Hal takes control of the situation by telling everyone to calm down. Hal reminds Barbara of all that Will has had to deal with the last few months, then Hal says he will drop the custody case, if she agrees to let him see Will any time he wants.

Bonnie phones Simon and Henry, and says she must see them. Jessica arrives in Marshall’s room, she tells him the bugging device was planted by people close to her campaign - her daughter, Bonnie. Marshall tells her he did not notify the police, and if she were hurt by this, he would drop out of the D.A. race. They kiss. Marshall carries Jessica to his bedroom. Bonnie tells Simon and Henry that Marshall will not go to the police, and they must shut “this spy operation” down. Jessica and Marshall make love - on camera!

Aaron visits Lucy (she is at Lucinda’s), and tells her he is staying in Oakdale. They hug.

Barbara and Hal signed the consent forms for Will’s surgery. After Barbara goes to sit with Will, Hal tells Paul to go easy on his mother. The Fire Marshall informs Hal the fire was arson. Hal says that now this case belongs to him.