ATWT Update Tuesday 10/1/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 10/1/02

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Lucy threatens to go back to Montega unless Craig convinces Holden to let Aaron remain in Oakdale. Alison runs into Aaron, and tells him as soon as she got Lucy’s message that he was being sent back to Seattle, she had to come back.

Bonnie tells Isaac that she, Paul, and Simon are bugging Marshall Travers’ room in order to help her mom (Jessica). Isaac tells Bonnie she is crazy.  She can go to jail for this. Bonnie insists that someone has to stop Marshall.

Henry shows Simon the surveillance camera he just purchased to bug Marshall’s room. Simon is pleased.

Jessica meets with Marshall at the Lakeview Lounge to inform him that she knows he co-conspired with Roy Baxter and staged the robbery at Java Underground. Marshall denies this. Jessica tells Marshall she intends to go to the press this evening with this revealing information. Marshall asks Jessica what he would gain by having done this. Jessica tells him he tried to gain Bonnie’s trust in order to get access to her. Jessica asks Marshall if he slept with her only so he can win the D.A. race.

Lucy suggests to Craig that Aaron can come to Montega and live with her and her mom (Sierra). Alison thanks Aaron for telling Emily about the Rosanna Cabot cell phone incident. Alison tells Aaron how she got herself kicked out of boarding school by breaking the school's many trophies. When Alison starts to cry at the thought of him leaving, Aaron hugs her.

Paul arrives, and informs Simon and Henry of the fire at the Snyder farm and about Will’s injuries. Paul explains how he ran into Brandy, and she promised to tell her information about Marshall and James Stenbeck. Simon tells Paul not to trust Brandy.

Craig agrees to talk Holden into letting Aaron remain in Oakdale. Lucy happily tells Aaron and Alison this. Holden tells Aaron that later he would like to talk with him. Aaron agrees.

Marshall tells Jessica that their sleeping together was not an act for him. Taking her hand, Marshall tells Jessica that she stimulates him, and he is at his very best with her. As Jessica mentions the charges again, Ben arrives and exchanges heated words with Marshall. When Marshall leaves, Jessica tells Ben she will not go to the press with the information they obtained about Marshall staging the robbery. Ben senses something is not right with Jessica, so he asks her if she has a thing for Marshall.

Craig asks Holden to let Aaron remain in Oakdale, adding that Aaron is a hero and perhaps he was too tough on the teen.  Holden does not believe him. Craig admits he wants Aaron to stay in order to keep Lucy in Oakdale. Holden says he will give it some thought.

Isaac tries to convince Bonnie to give up her idea of proving Marshall is working for James Stenbeck. Still bugging Marshall’s room, they hear Brandy arrive. Brandy tells Marshall that Paul Ryan was spying on him (when he met with Jessica). After Marshall pushes Brandy out of his room, he tears up his room and finds the bugging device.

As Alison watches Lucy and Aaron walk arm in arm together, she starts to cry. Emily arrives and comforts her. Barbara arrives at the hospital, and is told by Emily about Will’s injuries suffered in the fire. When Barbara sees Paul, she yells at him for endangering Will. Hal is there and Barbara hugs him.

Jessica arrives up in Marshall’s room. Marshall places a hand over her mouth, to keep her from speaking, then he shows her the bugging device he found.

Caleb and Holden meet at the barn to talk to Aaron about remaining in Oakdale.