ATWT Update Monday 9/30/02


As the World Turns Monday 9/30/02

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Abigail tells Molly about the fire at the Snyder barn and how Will and Luke were injured. Abigail then explains how Aaron told her the only way he could remain in Oakdale would be if he were a hero.  She feels Aaron may have started the fire on purpose.

At the hospital, Craig makes a rude remark to Aaron who ignores him. As Craig pulls Aaron by his sleeve, Aaron punches him in the face. Lucy and Holden arrive on the scene, and they all bicker.

Will is still unconscious, and Hal is at his bedside. While Will is having x-rays, Hal chats with Craig. Hal, having seen the fight between him and Aaron, advises Craig that blaming doesn’t help any problem, and he should try and accept Aaron in his daughter’s life. Hal later compares Craig’s late son, Bryant, to Aaron and at first Hal could not accept Bryant’s romance with his daughter, Jennifer.

Jack comes home to find a romantic dinner waiting for him with Carly. Immediately, they bicker about Carly going to work for Craig. Jack tells Carly he is tired of Craig interfering in their lives, but he will find a way to deal with it. As their heated argument is starting to simmer, Craig phones Carly. Carly reminds Craig he is never to call her in the evening.  Before she hangs up she tells Craig to go straight to Hell.

At Java Underground, Ben, Bonnie and Isaac try to ease Jessica’s nerves, as the election is the next day. Isaac believes that the robbery, which took place at Java Underground this past summer, was staged by Marshall Travers. Isaac just located Roy, the robber who admitted this (Marshall promised to represent Roy). Isaac wants to go to the police and The City Times with this news, but Jessica stops him. Isaac tells Jessica he can’t understand why she is against him going to the police with this news, as Marshall is probably James Stenbeck’s right hand man.  He points out how Bonnie had a gun pointed at her during the robbery that Marshall staged. Ben gets a call from the hospital informing him that Will Munson was critically injured in a fire. Ben goes to assist.

Craig tells Hal that he is just protecting Lucy. Hal replies that Aaron Snyder protected his son, Will, that night, also. Bob informs Hal that Will may have suffered inter-cranial bleeding, and surgery may be needed (Ben arrives).

After discussing her suspicions about Aaron starting the fire, Molly tells Abigail she knows she will make the right decision about what to do.

Lucy asks Holden if Aaron can now stay in Oakdale, since Aaron saved Will and Luke from the fire. Holden says this didn’t change his decision. Holden mentions how Lily’s pregnancy is high risk due to stress and now Luke is in the hospital, so his family does not need more. Later, Craig sits down with Lucy. After Craig tells her he wants to make things better for her, Lucy says he can by telling Holden to keep Aaron in Oakdale.

Ben and Bonnie cannot figure out Jessica’s reaction to the news about Marshall. Isaac believes Jessica’s reaction is due to Marshall having something on her (Jessica), and she is frightened. Jessica phones Marshall and asks to meet him at the Lakeview Lounge.

When Carly asks Jack if he wants to kick her out, Jack says no. Jack asks Carly that if she should have sex with Craig, to not confess this to him or apologize, but just vanish from his life as he cannot live the rest of his life like this. Carly says that will never happen - but promises.

Abigail overhears the Fire Marshall stating that the fire looks suspicious.