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As the World Turns Friday 9/27/02

By Loretta
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While spying on Marshall Travers, Brandy jumps inside Paul's car. When Paul asks Brandy what she knows about Marshall and his dad, Brandy says that James is coming back to town, and she is scared that Marshall will find out she is double crossing him. Paul hears fire engines headed toward the Snyder farm, so he heads there.

An unconscious Will is wheeled into the emergency room. Alison, Lucy, Aaron, Hal, and Emily arrive. Lucy says that now perhaps Aaron can stay in Oakdale. This makes Abigail think of how Aaron said he wishes he were a hero.

Craig meets with Rosanna at the Lakeview. Rosanna asks Craig to help her get Mike away from Molly. As their conversation leads to Carly, Rosanna warns Craig that if he slips up with Carly, he will lose BRO and her (Rosanna).

Molly phones Carly (at the police station) to tell her she will tell Mike the truth. Carly tells Molly not to worry since Craig told Mike that Lucinda made the donation.

As an angry Jack yells and shoves a prisoner, he sees Carly. Jack is furious with her for agreeing to work for Craig, and they bicker. Jack threatens to throw Carly out of the house.

Hal and Emily ask Alison how the fire started. Alison says she is not sure, but Aaron got both Luke and Will out. Bob tells Hal that Will has suffered head injuries from the fire. Paul arrives, and Hal is angry with him for not showing up to pick up Will for the evening as the planned.

At the Lakeview, Molly sees Mike arrive.  He sits with Lucinda (Molly is not worried). Mike immediately questions Lucinda if she made the donation to the hospital. Molly arrives, and seeing the desperate look on her face, Lucinda tells Mike she did. Once Mike leaves, Molly thanks Lucinda.

Emily tells Paul that someone should notify Barbara, but Paul says he doesn't know where she is, but he will try and find out. Alison tells Emily how she got kicked out of school for breaking their trophy case. Emily doesn't know what to say. Susan arrives, and tells Alison that she better not think of going anywhere.

Craig tells Rosanna that he hired Carly to settle some scores, but he is not interested in her, only Rosanna. Hearing Rosanna mention Mike, Craig tells Rosanna he wants to be the only man in her life. Rosanna tells Craig she believes that Molly is the anonymous donor to the hospital, and Craig will find out for her.

Jack still very angry, tells Carly that she, himself, and Craig will never work. Carly shows Jack "The Carly Clause," and points out that now he has a legal guarantee that Craig will never make a move on her unless it is business.

At the hospital, Holden and Caleb discuss Aaron. Caleb insists that Aaron still has to go back to Seattle. Hal thanks Aaron for saving Will's life. Lucy asks Caleb to please let Aaron remain in Oakdale, but Caleb says no, as Aaron still as many problems.

Molly sits back at Mike's table, and asks him why he asked so many questions about who made the hospital donation. Molly asks Mike what he would do if she did made the donation. Mike says he would love her for the gesture, but would never let her do that. They kiss.

Carly explains to Jack that she has to give this job with Craig a chance, and asks Jack to accept it. Jack tells her that he can't believe that Craig will keep his hands off Carly. Carly says they will never be happy if Jack expects her to sit home. Angry, Jack tells Carly to go home. Carly tells him she will wait for him.

After questioning, the Fire Marshall suggests that Aaron remain in Oakdale for a few more days for further questioning. Abigail recalls how Aaron told her the only way he could stay in Oakdale is if he were to save someone, and become a hero. Abigail leaves to talk to Molly.

Rosanna asks Craig to ask Lucinda if she made the donation. After Craig gets notified of the Snyder fire, he leaves. Rosanna phones Lucinda mentioning she would like to make a donation to the hospital, then she asks Lucinda if she made a donation. Lucinda says yes.

Abigail arrives at the Lakeview to talk to Molly. She mentions the fire at the Snyder's, and what she thinks about Aaron's connection to it.

Paul tells Hal he thinks his mom (Barbara) is with James, but he will try and find her. Hal visits with Will and takes his hand. Hal tells Will that if he comes back to him, he will be there to catch him.

When Craig arrives at the hospital to ask Aaron what he did to Lucy, Aaron punches him.

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