ATWT Update Thursday 9/26/02


As the World Turns Thursday 9/26/02

By Loretta
Proofread by Nicole

Inside a car, Paul and Simon watch Marshall enter a building (he is meeting Jessica). They feel he is meeting with James Stenbeck. Jessica arrives shortly after. Marshall and Jessica have a drink. Jessica asks Marshall if he is working for James. Marshall says he works for himself, but he did represent James in the past. After they kiss, Jessica stops herself. Marshall then takes Jessica in his arms, and they make love.

Mike meets with Carly at Java. Carly tells Mike that she said yes to Craig's offer, now Jack is very unhappy. Carly asks Mike how to convince Jack that Craig is not an issue. Mike suggest that Carly tell and show Jack how much he means to her. During their conversation Carly mentions that she told Bob Hughes how great Mike was. Mike immediately asks if Molly had anything to do with him getting that job with Oakdale Memorial.

Craig meets up with Rosanna at the Lakeview, and hands her a contract in which he added "The Carly Clause." This clause states that if Craig compromises his working relationship with Carly, the manager (Craig), will forfeit its contract. At first Rosanna says this is ridiculous, then later signs it.

Abigail visits with Holden and Emma at the farm. Abigail suggests that Aaron remain in Oakdale and move in with her.

In the barn, Luke searches for his toy propeller. Will finds a book of matches. A fire starts. Luke yells for help. Aaron hears him and enters. Luke yells that he is up on the loft. Alison arrives in the Snyder kitchen, and tells them she heard someone yell fire. Lucy is there. Aaron safely carries Luke out from the barn. Holden consoles Luke. Next Aaron carries an unconscious Will out of the barn, and wraps him in blankets.

Simon stops Paul from bursting into Marshall's room (Paul is convinced James is with him). After making love, Marshall tells Jessica it was heaven being with her. Jessica tells him this cannot happen again. Marshall reminds Jessica that she has his cell number if she changes her mind. Jessica is miserable about what she has just done.

Mike tries his best to ask Carly if Molly made the cash donation to the hospital burn unit, since Jake left her very wealthy. Craig arrives, and sits with Mike and Carly. Since Craig overheard their conversation, he announces to Mike that Lucinda Walsh made the cash donation. Mike seems to believe this. After Mike leaves, Craig gives the signed contract to Carly.

As the fire engines arrive, Alison helps Aaron wrap Will in blankets. Lucy says she will call Paul as Barbara is out of town, and they cannot reach Hal. Alison tells Aaron he is now a hero, and wonders what his parents will now think when they see his picture in the paper. After this statement, Abigail stares at Aaron and wonders if he may have started the fire so he would be a hero.

Mike runs into Rosanna at the Lakeview, he mentions he just saw Craig with Carly at Java. Rosanna immediately phones Jack, and tells him that Craig forced her to hire Carly.

The ambulance arrives and takes Will. Holden hugs and thanks Aaron for all he has done. When Abigail tells Aaron he is now a super hero, Aaron says he did what anyone would do.

As Paul waits in the car to see whom Marshall is with, Brandy jumps in his car, and says she has information for him about James and Marshall.

Back in his suite at the Lakeview, Marshall phones James Stenbeck to tell him "It won't be long." Henry and Simon hear this, and now decide to try and place surveillance cameras in Marshall's room.

Carly reads through the contract, and realizes that Rosanna will be watching every move she makes. Carly gets a call from Jack. Carly tells Craig that Rosanna just called Jack and is telling him lies. Carly leaves.

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