ATWT Update Wednesday 9/25/02


As the World Turns Wednesday, 9/25/02

By Loretta
Proofread by Nicole

Aaron tells Lucy he has no intention of going back to Seattle with his parents that evening. Aaron then goes to ask Abigail for her help.

Intending to get kicked out of Wentworth, Alison flings a book at the school's trophy case, then she tosses the trophies out the window. Hearing glass shatter, Ms. Pratt and Susan stop Alison. Ms. Pratt tells them she has never seen a student like Alison before. Susan grabs Alison, and heads her towards their car. On their way back to Oakdale, Susan tells Alison she will now contact Social Services.

Margo has coffee with Hal at Java. Margo tells Hal she is bored, and wants to be put on the James Stenbeck case.

As Jessica answers the press' questions, Marshall arrives and the press seeks their questions upon him. Once the press leaves, Marshall is alone with Jessica. Looking into her eyes, Marshall tells her to give them a chance and forget about the election. Jessica tries to leave, but Marshall places a hand on her arm. After Marshall tells her to give in to what they both want, they kiss. Jessica then stops herself.

As Susan leaves to get coffee, Alison phones Lucy and assures her she will be over soon to help.

Margo tells Hal she knows about Simon and Paul's illegal plan to prove Marshall's connection to James and she wants to be a part of it. Hal says if she does, he will have her arrested. Paul phones Hal to ask him to watch Will for him for a few hours, he also mentions that Barbara is out of town. When Hal asks Paul about what he knows about Marshall's connection to James, Paul says for his safety he cannot tell him. Margo points out that it is odd how once a James-Marshall connection was made, Barbara suddenly leaves town. They wonder if Barbara is meeting up with James.

At the Lakeview, Bonnie distracts the maid who has just left Marshall's room, allowing Henry to sneak inside.

Marshall hands Jessica his cell phone number, telling her to call him if she feels the need to be alone with him. Marshall tells her it is safer to meet some place other than the Lakeview. Jessica insists she will not call him.

Aaron meets with Abigail, and asks her for help. Abigail tells him she will try and talk to Holden, but it probably will not do much good.

Jessica places Marshall's phone number in her pocket. Ben arrives and invites Jessica for a relaxing picnic, but she declines. Jessica tells Ben she is afraid that in one week, she may lose her job as D.A. After Ben leaves, Jessica meets up with Margo at Java. Jessica tells Margo that she is attracted to Marshall, and cannot help herself. Margo tells Jessica about the theory floating around that Marshall is connected to James Stenbeck.

Hal visits with Will at the Snyder's. Will asks Hal if he can take him home, but Hal sadly tells him that legally he is unable to. Will says he hates living with his mom (Barbara). Hal tells the boy to be strong. They hug goodbye.

Paul and Bonnie alert Simon and Henry that Marshall is headed back to his room. Simon leaves but Henry insists on staying to finish the job. While Bonnie, Paul, and Simon are in another room, listening, Marshall enters his room to find Henry dressed as a bellboy, holding Marshall's clothing. Henry tells Marshall his clothing will be ready the next evening. Simon then phones the hotel to request a bellboy at Marshall's room. Bonnie then heads to Marshall's front door to meet the bellboy, and gives him Marshal's clothing. Marshall verifies with the hotel that they did send this bellboy up to his room.

Lucy arrives at Java to meet with Aaron. Margo sees them, and asks Lucy to drive her home. Lucy agrees and she hugs Aaron goodbye.

Still listening in on Marshall's room, Paul, Henry, Bonnie, and Simon hear Marshall receive a phone call. Marshal agrees to meet with someone, so Paul thinks it is his dad (James).

When Luke realizes the propeller fell off his toy plane, he asks Will to help him find it. As Will searches for this, he finds a book of matches.

Alison arrives at the Snyder farm.

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