ATWT Update Tuesday 9/24/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 9/24/02

By Loretta
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On their way to the boarding school in Wisconsin, Susan takes the wrong turn and gets lost. Alison insists this is the worst day of her life.

Holden hopes that sending Aaron back to Seattle will bring the teen some self-control. Julie and Caleb arrive from Seattle; they hug Aaron. They tell Aaron how counseling helped their marriage. Caleb insists they all get some family therapy, but Aaron insists he is not seeing a shrink. Aaron tells them that no one cares what he wants, and he will not stay in Seattle.

Lucy visits with her Aunt Katie. Nancy is there and makes them tea. Lucy asks Katie if Aaron can live with them temporarily. Lucy tells her how Holden is sending Aaron back to Seattle, and she will be miserable without him. Katie says she would love to help, but she cannot put herself in the middle of two families. Before Lucy leaves, Nancy tells a sad Lucy that something that you fear usually does not turn out to be that bad after all.

At the Lakeview Paul, Simon and Henry meet while Bonnie is upstairs spying on Marshall. Marshall, still sleeping, has a dream that he is meeting romantically with Jessica while a violin plays. Jessica tells Marshall over and over that he is playing with fire and "he" won't like this. After Marshall and Jessica kiss, the violin player is revealed to be James Stenbeck, who laughs out loud. Marshall tells James to stay out of his life. Marshall awakens.

Jessica prepares herself for her press conference. Ben is there, and tries to give her support. After trying to find out what exactly Marshall told Jessica the other day, Ben tells Jessica he knows she is keeping something from him.

Henry and Simon discuss the bugging device. When Henry finds out that Marshall Travers' room is to be bugged, he is excited and says Marshall is his hero as he turned the legal system around (meaning Barbara's trial). Henry wants to know who else is involved in this job, so Paul tells him James Stenbeck is, which frightens Henry.

Before Barbara leaves to go out of town for a few days, she and Will arrive at the Lakeview. Seeing Paul, Will runs to him. Barbara tells Paul that Will is staying with the Snyders for a few days while she goes out of town. Barbara refuses to tell Paul why she is going out of town, but agrees to let Will spend time with him.

Alison and Susan arrive at boarding school, and meet with the head mistress. When Ms. Pratt (the head mistress) tells them she prefers to be addressed as "Ms Pratt," and explains she is not married, Alison asks her if she is a lesbian (Susan is embarrassed). Ms. Pratt tries her best to be nice to Alison, but she refuses to give in.

Caleb and Julie try their best to assure Aaron that he will be ok in Seattle, but Aaron says he will not, especially without Lucy. Then all of them bicker. When Julie suggests that perhaps some time away from Lucy will be good, Aaron gets angrier.

Marshall heads off to Jessica's press conference while Bonnie spies on him. After making sure Marshall left the Lakeview, Bonnie heads downstairs with Simon and Henry, preparing to plant the bugging device.

With her press conference under way, Jessica answers many questions, many of them about Marshall Travers and his campaign tactics. Outside, the conference Marshall arrives. Ben approaches Marshall to warn him that while he made trouble for Bonnie, and his brother, Isaac, he better not take any more shots at Jessica.

After Susan completes the school paper work, Alison continues to act up and gives Ms. Pratt her evil eye. As Alison's cell phone rings, Ms. Pratt grabs it, and tells her that cell phones are not permitted at school. Alison grabs the phone back and leaves the room, saying she is going to be sick. Alison gets a phone message from Lucy indicating that Aaron is getting sent back to Seattle. This makes Alison begin to panic, so she tells herself to get a grip, and think rotten. Alison thinks of a way she can get herself out of this school, so she picks up a book and throws it at the school trophy case. It shatters.

Henry tries to back out of this job with Simon, but after Paul tells him he is now an accomplice, therefore James Stenbeck will probably come looking for him. This frightens Henry that he agrees to work on this job with Simon.

Lucy arrives at Emma's and tells Aaron that she does not want him to leave, as she cannot handle living without him. They hug, and Aaron tells her he will not go to Seattle.

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