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As the World Turns Monday 9/23/02

By Loretta
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Katie tries to get Simon to tell her whom he chose to help him bug Marshall's room. Henry arrives at their cabin, making Katie realize Henry is assisting him.

Susan learns from Rosanna that the Cabot Foundation is no longer funding the Wentworth Academy, therefore causing Alison to lose the scholarship. Emily arrives, and tells her that she is responsible for Rosanna withdrawing Alison's scholarship.

Aaron tells Lucy that Holden is disgusted with his recent behavior, and is sending him back to Seattle. Aaron then tells Lucy that he will stay in Oakdale and get his own place. When Lucy tells him this will take time, Aaron insists he will camp out in the woods.

Carly tells Jack that she set up a deal with Craig to be his designer. Jack is furious, and tells Carly that if Craig is in her life, he is not sure if he can be. Carly is angry as she feels Jack thinks she cannot be trusted around Craig. Carly tells Jack she will not give up her dream. Angry, Jack leaves and goes to see Rosanna.

Craig tells Rosanna that having Carly be their designer will help pull BRO out of the grave. Rosanna admits Carly is a talented designer, but insists Carly goes after every man that she finds herself. After Rosanna tells Craig she will never trust him, she pulls out a BRO contract for Craig to look over. Pleased, Craig kisses her.

Susan tells Emily she is interfering with Alison. Although Emily and Susan now bicker, Emily refuses to tell Susan the real reason that Rosanna backed out of the scholarship, but tells Susan that Alison did something wonderful, and she would be proud of her.

Not trusting Henry, Katie tests his loyalty. Katie offers him to take the $300.00 Simon gave him and run, and if he does not, she will get Lucinda on him. Henry tells Katie he will not run out on Simon, as he is the only friend he has ever had. Later, Simon and Henry agree to meet the next day to start their job. Katie tells Simon that Henry considers him his friend, and how he rejected her offer to take the money and run.

Susan insists on paying Alison's tuition herself, and orders her to be ready to leave for Wisconsin the next morning. Alison screams that Susan wants to get rid of her. Susan threatens Alison with family court if she blows it at boarding school. Seeing how Alison is heartbroken, Emily tries to comfort her. Alison tells Emily that wherever she goes, she never fits in.

Lucy realizes Aaron cannot sleep on the street because of her, and that he must go back to Seattle. Aaron agrees to this, that he will get a job, save some money and come back to Oakdale. They agree to call each other every day. Lucy tells Aaron she will wait for him as long as it takes. They agree not to say goodbye, as it will be too heartbreaking. They kiss.

After looking over Rosanna's contract, Craig calls Carly and tells her to meet him at the Lakeview. Carly agrees. At the Lakeview, Carly tells Craig that Jack was so upset to learn that she may work for BRO, that he called their wedding off. Craig insists he has a plan that will please everyone. After Craig hands Carly a copy of a contract in which he had inserted additional items pertaining to her, Carly immediately agrees to work for Craig.

Jack arrives at the country club and asks Rosanna if she put Craig in charge of BRO, and mentions how he offered Carly a job. Rosanna admits she knows. Jack tells Rosanna he does not want Carly working with Craig, as he is obsessed with her. Rosanna tells Jack that Craig cares about her, but if she doesn't want Carly working for BRO, Carly will not.

Alison realizes that she is really being sent to boarding school. Alison tries to call Aaron, but he does not answer, so she leaves him a goodbye message.

Back at the barn, Aaron realizes he cannot go to Seattle. Lucy also now realizes she cannot let Aaron leave Oakdale.

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