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As the World Turns Friday 9/20/02

By Loretta
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Paul and Bonnie ask Simon to tap Marshall's room for them. They explain this is the only way of proving that Marshall Travers intends to become D.A., so he can free James Stenbeck of all the charges he faces. Simon tells them he is sorry, but he cannot do it, especially since Katie is just out of the hospital. Katie tells Simon she doesn't need him to be her nurse maid. Katie tells Bonnie, and Paul that Simon will do the job, Simon agrees.

Rosanna meets with Emily at the Country Club. Trying to help her sister, Emily tells Rosanna what she can do with her boarding school offer. Pretending to be sympathetic, Rosanna tells Emily she knows it must be hard raising a teenager, and feels boarding school is just what Alison needs.

Lucy tells Alison that whenever she is near anything dangerous like a car or a boy, her dad (Craig) freaks. Alison tells Lucy that things are looking up for her, as Emily is going to try and talk their mom (Susan) out of sending her to boarding school. Susan arrives and takes Alison home.

After Holden tells Aaron to go back to Seattle, Aaron tells him he knows Craig must have put him up to this. Holden tells Aaron that Caleb and Julie have gone to a marriage counselor so things are better in their relationship. Aaron insists he is not going. Holden tells Aaron he is incapable of thinking about anyone but himself.

Brandy meets with Marshall at the Lakeview Lounge. Marshall gives her an envelope containing $1,500 as partial payment for her to find out everything Paul knows about Marshall's relationship with his dad (James Stenbeck). Marshall tells Brandy to become Paul's best friend, since the election for D.A. is one week away.

While Henry packs items in boxes, Lucinda arrives, and asks him why this room isn't cleaned up yet (Henry is frowning). Henry asks Lucinda why he is her "pet project." Lucinda replies that she owes him for his help in Avanya, and she is providing him with a great opportunity.

Emily tells Rosanna to cut the crap. Emily informs Rosanna that she knows why she wants Alison out of the picture (Emily then waves Rosanna's cell phone around). Emily tells her that if she shows Lucy the phone log, she can prove to Craig what a bad girl Rosanna has been.  She tells Rosanna to call Susan.

After Craig makes sandwiches, he asks Lucy if she and Aaron have discussed her going away to college yet. Craig then explains that Aaron may not fit in with her lifestyle, friends, or events like the debutante ball. Lucy tells him she is not breaking up with Aaron.

Holden tells Aaron that Lily found out about the accident, and now her blood pressure is sky high, making her and her unborn child at risk. Holden tells Aaron he cannot be putting his family through this stress, as he told him before to follow his rules, or he will have to go. Aaron tells him he loves living in Oakdale and Lucy. Holden tells Aaron that Caleb and Julie are on their way already.

Simon goes over the room tapping plans with Paul and Bonnie. After they leave, Simon carries Katie upstairs to rest, while she demands to know whom Simon is going to hire to assist him with this job.

Susan forces Alison to finish packing, as they are to meet with the head master at school the next morning. Alison tries to tell her that she is sending her away to punish her. Susan insists she is not punishing her, but she has gotten out of control.

Emily tells Rosanna that once Craig finds out what she did, she can kiss him goodbye. Rosanna agrees to Emily's offer and phones Susan, telling her that The Cabot Foundation is unable to offer Alison the scholarship as planned. Emily gives Rosanna her phone back.

After discussing their business agreement, Marshall and Brandy see Paul. In order to hide their business relationship from Paul, Marshall tells Brandy to do something quick. Brandy stands up, throws her drink in Marshall's face, and yells at him. Paul sees this. After Marshall leaves, Paul asks Brandy what is wrong, Brandy says Paul has to help her. Paul gives Brandy his cell number, and says they will talk later.

Comparing Lucy and Aaron to him and Sierra, Craig tells Lucy how he (a nurse's son) married a big time heiress (Sierra), and dealing with their lifestyle differences, often made Craig feel inferior. This makes Lucy think about the difference in her and Aaron's background.

Simon calls Lucinda to ask if he can borrow Henry for a job. This pleases Henry, as he cannot get away faster from Lucinda.

Aaron visits with Lucy and tells her that Holden wants him to go back to Seattle tomorrow.

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