ATWT Update Thursday 9/19/02


As the World Turns Thursday 9/19/02

By Loretta
Proofread by Nicole

Mike and Molly return (to Lucinda's cabin) after skinny-dipping, but find their clothing gone. They realize the maid was there to clean up, and took their clothes. Molly phones Carly to bring them clothes.

Lucinda arrives at Simon's cabin to find it beautifully decorated. Simon tells her Henry is a genius, and has wonderful decorating ideas, plus it helped that Henry's dad is an electrician.

Carly and Jack begin to fight over Craig. Jack tells Carly this is exactly what Crag's motive is, to split them apart. Jack insists that Carly will eventually wind up working for Craig, and instead of her making their wedding plans, she is figuring out how to get back at Craig.

While Lucy recuperates from her accident, Craig watches her sleep. When she awakens, he gives her a birthday present, a charm bracelet. Aaron arrives and brings Lucy flowers.  He tells her he has a surprise planned for her birthday. Craig phones Holden to meet with him.

Emily tells Alison she needs to tell their mom the truth about why she stole Rosanna's cell phone. Emily wonders why Aaron hasn't spoken up yet, just then Aaron arrives, and tells Emily the truth. Emily says she will talk to her mom for Alison. Aaron thanks Alison for being such a great friend, and then he gives her a kiss on her cheek. Emily tells Alison that she did a very unselfish thing, and says she will handle Rosanna. Later Emily phones Rosanna, and sets up a meeting with her.

Craig tells Holden he would like to keep Aaron and Lucy apart for awhile. Holden tries to tell him it was an accident. Craig thinks it would be a good idea if Aaron went back to Seattle for a brief time,  He continues that when he was notified of Lucy's accident, it brought back all the horror of the night he lost his son, Bryant. Craig says every time Lucy goes out, he wonders if she will be taken from him in an accident, like his son.

Paul and Bonnie arrive at Jack's to ask him if they will help them bug Marshall Travers' room. They wish to prove that if Marshall is elected D.A., he plans to free James of all charges. Jack says he cannot get involved in this, but suggest they contact Simon.

Carly brings Mike and Molly some clothes. Sensing Carly's down mood, Mike asks her what is wrong. Carly tells him how she and Jack just had a fight over Craig. Carly then explains what happened with Craig and Lisa. Mike tells her that since Craig desperately wants her as his designer, she has the upper hand in this business deal. Mike tells her to work for Craig and name her price, until something else shows up. He suggests that if Jack is unhappy with this, to realize she is not marrying Craig, just working for him. Mike tells Carly to do this and move on.

Simon brings Katie home from the hospital; she is shocked at the beautiful transformation the cabin now has. After Lucinda and Henry leave, Simon brings out Snickers for Katie. Simon tells her he is going to settle down, he tells her he got a job selling insurance. Katie tells him she did not marry an insurance agent.

After Craig leaves, Emma chats with Holden, she mentions that Lily found out about Aaron's accident as the police called their house. Emma feels it may be a good idea if Aaron were to go back to Seattle.

Simon tells Katie he wants to change, and she is worth it. After they kiss, Simon makes Katie take a rest. The doorbell rings, and it is Paul and Bonnie who ask him for his help with something illegal.

Aaron arrives, and Holden tells him it may be a good idea for him to go back to Seattle for a while.

Carly arrives at Craig's; they go outside to talk. Carly tells him he ruined her chances to work with Lisa Grimaldi (Craig jokingly tells her she must mean her chances to re-invent the moo moo). Carly tells him she will work for him, but not behind Rosanna's back.

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