ATWT Update Wednesday 9/18/02


As the World Turns Wednesday, 9/18/02

By Loretta
Proofread by Nicole

Molly suggests she and Mike make love. Mike is hesitant, and tells Molly that sex is easy to find, but finding a person you love is not.

Abigail brings a sick child into Oakdale Memorial's emergency room (the child attends day care where Abigail is working as part of her school curriculum). Chris immediately takes care of him.

Alison drives Aaron and an injured Lucy to the emergency room. Lucy did not want to go but Aaron insisted.

Carly tells Jack how Craig tried his hardest to offer her a job with BRO, which he now runs thanks to Rosanna Cabot, and how he lied to Lisa. Carly says she will go see Lisa to convince her that Craig lied about her working for him.

Craig tells Rosanna that he offered Carly a job as his designer. Annoyed, Rosanna asks him what planet he is on? Craig insists it is just a job offer.

Chris helps to alleviate the little boy's fears at being in an emergency room. Susan arrives and examines the child. Chris stays and suggests they keep the child overnight for observation. Susan agrees, and informs the child's mother.

Mike tells Molly that he asked Rosanna if she made the donation to the hospital, and Rosanna assured him she had not. Mike informs Molly that he is afraid, as he seems to cause pain for every woman that he cares about (like Rosanna). Mike tells Molly she is "the right one for him" but he knows she is still in pain over losing Jake. Molly tells him she is not the same person he met in NYC, and she cannot stop living. Mike takes Molly to the house he plans to rent.

Jack tells Carly that he doesn't like the thought of her "working against Craig" (if she works for Lisa). Carly is upset as not only does Lisa think she wants out of their contract, but Carly spent money on renting office space, purchasing fabric, and she finished a whole season of designs. Carly says she refuses to be a nobody.

Lucy and Aaron arrive at the emergency room. Alison waits with Aaron. After Susan examines Lucy, she tells her the wound will require stitches, and she will have to notify her dad (Craig).

Craig insists he offered Carly a job as she is the best designer around, and this is all he expects from Carly, just her talent. Rosanna tells him she is not stupid and feels Craig wishes to control Carly. Rosanna tells him they will have no future together if he hires Carly. Craig gets a call from the hospital informing him of Lucy's accident. After Craig leaves, Carly arrives and discusses her job offer with Rosanna. Rosanna tells Carly that she would only hire her to clean BRO's bathrooms, not design clothes. Lisa arrives and Carly tries to explain to her that Craig lied. Lisa refuses to believe her, but offers to help her with the contractors since Carly spent her money on them. After Carly leaves, Lisa warns Rosanna about becoming involved with Craig.

Alison tells Aaron that she did not tell her mom (Susan) why she stole Rosanna's phone, and now she is punishing her by sending her to boarding school. Aaron tells Alison not to worry, as he will talk to her mom.

Craig arrives at the emergency room and Aaron tells him what happened.   The accident was entirely his fault for driving his motorcycle too fast. Craig hardly says a word to him. Later Craig phones Holden to discuss Aaron.

Mike takes Molly to visit the home he intends to rent. Molly calls it a real love nest. Mike asks Molly if she can really love someone else besides Jake. Molly tells Mike when she first saw him, she realized her life would not be over. They kiss.

Carly tells Jack how she got nowhere with Lisa and Rosanna told her that her job offer with Craig is finished. Jack suggests they move to NYC, but Carly says she will not.

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