ATWT Update Tuesday 9/17/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 9/17/02

By Loretta
Proofread by Nicole

At Al's, Bonnie describes Brandy to Paul, and tells him not to trust her. Paul remembers having caught her in Marshall's room.

Marshall offers Brandy a great deal of money to become Paul's best friend and confidant, and to find out how much Paul knows about him. Marshall tells Brandy she is to inform Paul that he is James Stenbeck's pawn.

As Lisa sees Craig holding Carly's book of sketch designs, Craig tells her that Carly is going to work for BRO, as he now acquired that company from Rosanna Cabot.

Aaron takes Lucy for a fast ride on his motorcycle to a quiet park. Lucy tells Aaron she was a little frightened on his bike, but feels safe with him. They kiss. Aaron and Lucy then tell about their feelings for one another. Lucy says she is free and in love. Aaron says their love is forever.

Carly tells Molly how Craig offered her a dream job as his designer, but now she is stuck having to work with Lisa Grimaldi. Molly says their business relationship may not be as bad as Carly anticipates. Molly tells Carly how she never should have lied to Mike about her making the cash donation to Oakdale Memorial.

Mike sees Rosanna at the Country Club. He asks her if she is responsible for the large cash donation to Oakdale Memorial, which provided him with a job. Rosanna tells him no, as she has better things to do. Mike apologizes but tells her he had to ask. Rosanna asks Mike if he is in love. Mike tells her that he is involved with Molly, but they are taking it slow, since it is close to Jake's death.

Lucy tells Aaron that they should be heading back home now, especially since they left Alison behind. Aaron agrees. With Lucy behind him on his motorcycle, they speed off. Aaron continues to ride fast, causing the bike to fall and throwing him and Lucy on the ground.

Will breaks Luke's plane. Holden sees him do this, but Will denies this. Alison chats with Will, she advises him to apologize to Holden and smile (she demonstrates her best smile for him). Alison is upset as Aaron and Lucy went on their picnic without her.

Rosanna meets with Craig at Java Underground. Rosanna tells Craig that Mike is staying in Oakdale, as he will be building the new wing at Oakdale Memorial. Rosanna asks Craig if he hired any designer yet. Craig says yes and her name is Carly.

Molly visits with Mike at the country club and suggests they do something. Mike suggests miniature golf or the movies. Molly suggests they make love.

Marshall tells Jessica he did not mean to hurt Bonnie's relationship with Isaac, but says she brought this on herself. After Marshall tells Jessica she is showing a lot of passion at the moment, he kisses her. Jessica kisses him back, but stops herself and runs out of his room confused.

Paul still tries to find a way to prove Marshall is working with his father (James). He suggests him and Bonnie bug Marshall's room, but Bonnie says no as this is too risky. Later Bonnie agrees to help Paul.

Lisa goes to Carly and tells her that if she wants out of their contract, she has it. Before Lisa leaves she tells Carly she feels sorry for Jack. Carly is shocked.

Alison fantasizes that Aaron will not let her go off to boarding school. Just then Aaron arrives holding an injured Lucy.

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