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As the World Turns Monday 9/16/02

By Loretta
Proofread by Nicole

At Java Underground, Bonnie tells Jessica and Lisa that nothing happened between her and Marshall. Marshall convinces Isaac that something did happen between him and Bonnie. Just as Isaac is about to punch out Marshall, Hal arrives and asks Isaac to leave.

Alison unhappily models her school uniform for Susan and Emily. Alison still insists she is not going, Susan insists she is. Alison begs Emily to talk to Susan for her; she does, but does not get anywhere.

Aaron and Lucy prepare for their picnic, they kiss while they wait for Alison to arrive and join them.

Mike and Molly kiss in the pool at the country club. Bob arrives and tells Mike that someone just donated a huge amount of money to the hospital, he then asks Mike if he is still interested in building their new wing at the hospital. This pleases Mike, but he asks Bob if Rosanna Cabot made this donation. Mike explains to Bob how Rosanna was the financial backing for his last job.

Craig tells Carly she is afraid to have him in her life. As Craig leaves her house, he kisses her on the cheek, but he quickly re-enters her house to tell her that she is afraid of her attraction to him. Carly tells Craig he nauseates her. Craig insists that Carly cannot trust herself when she is with him.

Bonnie tries to tell Jessica that she was in Marshall's room as she was trying to get information on him, which will help her campaign and prove that Marshall is up to no good. Isaac arrives and tells Bonnie that Marshall told him exactly what happened; now he wants Bonnie out of his life. Bonnie tries to tell him she was trying to distract Marshall for Paul.

After Isaac leaves, Hal tells Marshall that he knows he was in Singapore three days prior to arriving in Oakdale. Hal asks Marshall why James sent him. Hal also tells Marshall that he feels as soon as he becomes D.A., he will free James of all his criminal charges. Marshall tells Hal that he obtained this information illegally, and he intends to press charges against Paul Ryan (he knows Paul broke into his room and took his passport).

Craig tells Carly they are still hot for each other in a platonic way, and asks her if she cannot be his lover, then why not his designer. Carly tells Craig that she has a contract with Lisa, and she will not ditch her. As Craig leaves her house, outside he finds Carly's sketch book of designs, he takes them.

Bob tells Mike that he is unable to inform Mike of whom the cash donation was from. After Mike leaves, Bob tells Molly that she should tell Mike that she made the donation. This confuses Molly. When Mike returns he senses her worry, and asks her if everything is all right. Molly tells him they need to talk, but not now.

Susan tells Emily that she will miss Alison like crazy when she is at boarding school, but she feels she has no choice, as Alison is getting out of hand. Alison is eavesdropping, so she screams at Susan and Emily that they only pretend to love her. Alison runs out the door, but Emily follows her. Emily tells Alison that she should just tell Susan why she stole Rosanna's cell phone. Emily also tells her that she knows Aaron Snyder must have something to do with this, this gets Alison thinking.

Jessica asks Bonnie if she kissed Marshall, then Ben wants to know why Jessica is so worried why Bonnie kissed Marshall. Jessica does not answer him.

Avoiding Hal's question about James, Marshall tells him that he protects all of his clients. After Hal leaves, Marshall phones Brandy. When Brandy arrives Marshall offers her a great deal of money to find out what Paul Ryan knows about him.

Aaron and Lucy get tired of waiting for Alison, so they head off on Aaron's motorcycle themselves.

Molly arrives at Carly's and tells her how she is worried sick if she should or should not tell Mike that she made the cash donation to Oakdale Memorial. Molly says she feels like a lowlife now and compares herself to Rosanna. Carly also feels blue and tells Molly that she was just offered her dream job, but from Craig Montgomery.

Craig arrives at Java Underground, and holds Carly's book of design sketches. Craig tells Lisa that Carly now works for him.

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