ATWT Update Friday 9/6/02


As the World Turns Friday 9/13/02

By Loretta

Craig arrives at Carly's house, and asks her why she doesn't come work as a designer for his company? Carly says she will never do this. Craig invites himself inside, as he holds Parker.

As Will moaps over a hamburger and fries at Al's Diner, Barbara asks him what he discussed with his dad (Hal). Will doesn't say much except that his dad explained that a judge would decide things. Barbara tells Will she would like to move to a different city, state or country, someplace where no one will know their past.

Paul gives Hal, Marshall's passport, which shows that Marshall was in Singapore three days after James was stabbed by Barbara (James was hospitalized for his wounds). Paul tells Hal that he feels Marshall is attempting a chance as D.A., and will drop all charges against James Stenbeck, allowing James to waltz back to Oakdale a free man.

Isaac phones Bonnie (she is in Marshall's suite). When it rings, Marshall grabs her phone and answers it by saying Bonnie is about to be tied up (Marshall knows it is Isaac). An angry Isaac tells Jessica that Bonnie is in Marshall's suite, as she is involved with Paul to get dirt on Marshall Travers. Isaac leaves to get Bonnie.

Luke tells Holden he doesn't like playing with Will, as he is bossy and breaks his toys. Holden explains Will's behavior is due to his unhappy family life, so Luke agrees to give Will another chance.

As Bonnie heads for the door, Marshall tells her that he is aware her flirtations are part of a scheme. Marshall asks Bonnie to tell him the truth. Marshall gets Bonnie to admit this seduction was part of a scheme. Bonnie tells Marshall that someone just came through and searched his room, so when she seduced him, it was to distract him.

Craig sits on the floor with Parker, drawing. Craig draws a picture of Carly. Carly takes Parker upstairs to fix him a snack. Craig begins trashing Jack to Carly; he refers to Jack as the All-American Bore. Sick of his remarks, Carly tries to throw him out.

Will tells Barbara that he does not want to move away from his dad, his friends, or school. Barbara tries to convince him, but she agrees to drop this subject for a while, asking Will to keep this conversation quiet.

Hal tells Paul that Barbara was out of control the other day with Will and threatened to take the boy away. Paul agrees that Barbara's behavior is exactly how it was when she spent time with James.

Ben arrives at Java Underground to see Jessica, and apologize for telling her to drop out of the D.A. race. Ben takes Jessica in his arms to slow dance, soon they kiss. Jessica tells Ben that she just gave her story to Lucinda Walsh's, "City Times," in which she publicly apologizes to the citizens of Oakdale for her dealings with the Liquor Control Board.

Fearing Barbara will try to take Will away, Hal puts a 911 out to Tom Hughes. Hal asks Paul what James Stenbeck would come back to Oakdale for. Paul says for the same thing he always comes back for, his mom (Barbara). Placing Marshall's passport in his pocket, Hal tells Paul he will question Marshall Travers.

Holden arrives at Al's and apologizes to Barbara for letting Hal take Will (Barbara is a little shocked). Holden assures Barbara it will never happen again. When Holden invites Will to go hiking, Barbara agrees to this. As Will makes his way out of Al's, he steals tip money off of a table.

Craig tries his best to convince Carly to work for him, telling her he can make her deliriously happy, and fulfill her fantasies. Craig again asks her to become his designer and name her price.

Bonnie refuses to tell Marshall who searched his room. After she leaves, Marshall is informed that Isaac is on his way up. When Isaac arrives, he forces himself into Marshall's room looking for Bonnie. Marshall (wearing only a towel) tells Isaac that he just missed Bonnie a few seconds ago.

Carly asks Craig what Rosanna would do if she learned that she was working for him. Craig tells her to let him worry about Rosanna. Craig asks Carly how she can work for Lisa, when Lisa only has contempt for her. Carly answers that at least Lisa is honest and not a schemer like him. Craig tells Carly that she refuses to work for him as she is either afraid that she is not good enough...or afraid of him. Carly says nothing.

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