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As the World Turns Thursday 9/12/02

By Loretta
Proofread by Nicole

Hal has taken Will and brought him to his house. Hal tells Will that he wants him back home with him and Emily. Will tells Hal that his mom (Barbara) will not let him. Will tells Hal that when his mom finds him there, she will be mad. Hal assures him that his mom will be mad at him, not at Will.

Barbara arrives at Holden's to find Will gone. When Holden tells her Hal took him, Barbara tells him that if she loses her son she will hold him personally responsible. When Barbara leaves,. Holden phones Hal and warns him that Barbara just showed up and is on the warpath.

Mike and Molly are at the country club pool area, they kiss. Molly tells Mike she is worried what people will think of her seeing Mike so soon after Jake's passing. Carly arrives and tells Molly that Mike will soon be getting a construction job from Bob Hughes (Carly made the large cash donation to the hospital for Molly). Carly sees Craig chatting with a designer she recognizes.

Having broken into Marshall's room, Paul meets Brandy there and questions her. When Paul tells Brandy that he is also against Marshall and tries to find out why Brandy is there, Brandy refuses to tell him anything and leaves. Downstairs Bonnie still tries to seduce Marshall (to enable Paul to search Marshall's room) by telling him she finds herself dreaming and thinking about him often.

Jessica tells Ben she cannot withdraw from the D.A. race. Ben tells Jessica that he feels Marshall is after much more than just becoming the new D.A.

Carly asks Craig what he is up to. Craig proudly tells Carly that he is the new COO of BRO. Carly guesses correctly that Rosanna bought BRO and gave it to Craig. Craig tells her that he seeks a designer. Carly tells Craig that she knows he is trying to con her into working for him.

On her way out, Brandy sees Bonnie sitting with Marshall at his table. Marshall questions Bonnie's new attitude towards him; he tells her he can smell a con. Not believing her words, Marshall leaves. Bonnie immediately phones Paul upstairs to warn him that Marshall is on his way up and to get out now.

Barbara arrives at Hal's wearing her sweetest smile and kindest disposition. While Will waits outside, Barbara furiously warns Hal that if he ever takes Will again like this, she will make sure he never sees him again, as now she is financially loaded.

Brandy arrives at Java Underground and tells Isaac that she saw Bonnie sitting with Marshall at his table at the Lakeview and they were not discussing dinner.

Paul finds Marshall's passport and keeps it. Bonnie follows Marshall up to his suite. Marshall lets Bonnie in his suite and Paul hides in the closet. Marshall tells Bonnie they should stay in the suite to get to know each other better.

Molly tells Mike that before she married Jake, people in Oakdale talked about her something awful, now that she is seeing him (Mike) they will start in again, but she intends to ignore them.

Jessica tells Ben what will hurt her most is not doing anything about Marshall Travers, not withdrawing from the race. Ben still asks Jessica what Marshall said to her the other day to get her so upset, but Jessica still refuses to tell him.

Bonnie persuades Marshall to take a shower. While Marshall showers, Paul is able to leave, but Bonnie remains. Out of the shower, Marshall asks Bonnie what she is really up to.

After Barbara leaves with Will, Hal phones Holden and asks him to let Luke play with Will more. Holden agrees as long as Luke does not become involved in this. Paul arrives. Hal tells him what Barbara just did. Paul tells Hal that he has proof that Marshall is working with James Stenbeck and that Barbara is probably still communicating with James.

Carly tells Craig that his new company needs her but she would not join him if his were the last company on earth. Craig insists that she needs him as much as he needs her.

As Marshall tries to kiss Bonnie, her phone rings, Marshall answers it (it is Isaac calling and he hears Marshall's voice).

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