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As the World Turns Tuesday 9/12/02

By Loretta
Proofread by Nicole

At Java, Paul questions Bonnie as to why all his messages to her have gone unanswered. Bonnie tells Paul she never got them. Isaac interrupts them and says Bonnie never got his messages as he tore them up.

Ben gives Jessica a neck massage to help her relax, but it does no good. Jessica tells him she will go have a talk with Marshall about the campaign. Jessica admits to Ben that she is guilty of persuading someone on the Liquor Control Board to help Isaac retain his liquor license and she will try and get Marshall to reason with her.

At the Lakeview, Hal expresses angry words when he runs into Marshall. Hal meets with Nancy. Nancy called Hal to speak with him about Barbara losing control the other day with Rosanna and how Will told her that he is unhappy living with her. Hal thanks Nancy for this information and leaves to go get Will.

Barbara takes Will over to play with Luke. After having left Will alone for a few minutes, she returns and finds Will making a call to his dad (Hal). Barbara is not happy about this and tells Will.

Brandy arrives at Marshall's table at the Lakeview and shows him a press release indicating that Marshall paid Brandy for dirt on Jessica. Brandy tells Marshall that unless he gives her money, she will turn this in.

Isaac tells Paul that it is too dangerous for Bonnie to get involved with anything having to do with James Stenbeck. Paul tells them that Marshall is currently working for James (his dad) and that when Marshall is elected the D.A., Marshall will get James off the hook for his past crimes. After Isaac insists this is too dangerous, Bonnie agrees. After Isaac leaves, Bonnie agrees to help Paul without Isaac's knowledge.

At the hospital, Abigail catches Chris sleeping on the job. A few intern friends of Chris' stop by and tell him that he is in big trouble with John Dixon.

Paul explains to Bonnie that he intends to go search through Marshall's room for links to James. Paul asks Bonnie to keep Marshall occupied while he does this. Bonnie agrees.

After Brandy threatens Marshall, he reminds Brandy of her writing bad checks in Missouri and her helping criminal James Stenbeck to escape. Brandy leaves and tells Marshall she will make sure he is never elected D.A.

Jessica arrives and meets with Marshall. Jessica admits to him she did not do her best on the Barbara Ryan case and she did persuade a person at the Liquor Control Board to help Isaac keep his license. Jessica asks Marshall to stop this dirty game he is playing and she will take responsibility for her past mistakes. Jessica tells him she wants this to be a legitimate and clean D.A. race. Marshall takes Jessica's hand and tells her that the thought of her beautiful face keeps him up at night and that she is probably feeling what he is feeling. Jessica gets angry and leaves.

Nancy sees Barbara at the Lakeview and calls her over. In a hurry, Barbara sits down with her. Nancy tells Barbara that she just spoke with Hal and told him about her odd behavior with Rosanna the day before. Barbara, furious with Nancy for doing this, leaves to get Will.

Hal arrives at Holden's and tells Will he has come to take him home. Will tells Hal that this will not please his mom (Barbara). Holden tells Hal that he promised Barbara that he would make sure Hal did not visit with Will while he is at his home. Hal expresses to Holden his concern about Barbara's behavior, how she is going over the edge and he is concerned for Will's safety, so he must do this.

Abigail tells Chris that she will start working part time at the hospital as part of her developmental psychology class. Bob interrupts them as he needs to speak with Chris alone. Bob tells Chris that he is tired of him bending the hospital rules (Chris had neglected John's orders so he could keep an eye on Margo's liver transplant).

Bonnie and Paul arrive at the Lakeview. Bonnie sees Marshall and tells him she must speak with him now. While Paul enters Marshall's room, he finds Brandy searching through Marshall's room.

Jessica arrives home with Ben. Ben sees that she is upset but Jessica does not tell him that Marshall made a pass at her. Jessica says that Marshall has no mercy and she will continue to be in the D.A. race with him. Ben tells Jessica that he wishes she would decline from this race as he has bad feelings about it.

Holden tries to explain to Luke why Hal took Will home. Just then, a furious Barbara arrives asking where her son is.

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