ATWT Update Monday 9/9/02


As the World Turns Monday 9/9/02

By Loretta
Proofread By Nicole

While Henry asks Katie for $20,000, Margo tells him he is under arrest. As Margo is using her police skills with Henry, she is obviously getting tired, so Tom helps her back into her bad. Henry runs, but into Simon, who is to capture him for Lucinda.

Alison meets Emily at Java to tell her how Susan is sending her to a boarding school in Wisconsin. Emily tells Alison she has lots of questions to ask her, including why she stole Rosanna's cell phone.

At the Lakeview dining area, Barbara gets on her knees and grabs Rosanna by her arm, begging her to help her with BRO. Rosanna tells Barbara she is embarrassing herself, but Barbara doesn't stop. Nancy arrives and sees Will upset at his mother begging, so she takes Will for some lemonade. Will tells Nancy that he doesn't like living with his mom at the hotel and wants to go back home with his dad.

With Rosanna's phone in his hand, Aaron tells Craig to leave him and Lucy alone and if he does not, he will tell Lucy everything. Hearing part of this conversation, Lucy asks Aaron what he will tell her. Aaron says your dad can explain, so Craig tells Lucy that they agreed to put the Tonya incident behind them. Lucy is happy at Craig's new outlook on Aaron and tells Craig that she can learn to live with Rosanna. As Aaron and Lucy leave, Aaron tells Craig he is a good man - and to keep it up.

Alison admits to Emily that she stole Rosanna's cell phone, but refuses to tell her the real reason. Emily agrees to talk to Susan about not sending Alison to boarding school, and tells Alison that Rosanna Cabot convinced Susan to send her to boarding school and pay her tuition.

Tom tells Margo she needs to slow down. John arrives and reminds Margo how serious her condition was. John advises Margo to seek a career change. Margo does not want to hear this.

Simon brings Henry to Lucinda's. Henry tries several times to leave, he even says he has an appointment to tutor underprivileged children. As Lucinda opens her safe to pay Simon with cash, Henry memorizes her safe's combination. When Lucinda leaves to walk Simon out, Henry opens the safe and takes lots of cash.

Rosanna offers Barbara money for BRO, twice the amount of what it is worth. Suspicious, Barbara asks what Rosanna wants with BRO and if she intends to give it to Craig. Rosanna denies this and says she has her own plans for BRO, which will not include Craig. Barbara hesitantly agrees to sell BRO to Rosanna. When Rosanna leaves, Barbara sits down as she is in shock at having just sold BRO.

As Henry heads for the exit door with Lucinda's cash, he meets Lucinda and her guard. Lucinda tells Henry she intends for him to live up to their original bargain (he will work for her).

At Emma's, Alison tells Aaron that they should go to the station (WOAK) and give them the story on how Rosanna and Craig paid Tonya to come to Oakdale to come between him and Lucy. Aaron tells Alison he cannot tell Lucy about this scheme, as it will only hurt her, but he tells her he kept Rosanna's phone as insurance. Upset Alison tells Aaron everyone gets what he or she wants except her. Aaron tells Alison that he will think of something to keep her from getting sent to boarding school.

Rosanna arrives at Craig's. Craig tells her how Aaron decided not to tell Lucy about their scheme. Craig says to give him one more week and Aaron will not know what hit him.

After being told to seek a career change, Margo is depressed. Katie tells Margo there are lots of different jobs she could do and can do whatever she wants. Margo tells Katie that she wants to buy her a nice present. Katie tells her she already got what she wanted, to hear Margo talk about her future.

To teach Henry an appreciation of work, Lucinda sends him to Simon to help him make repairs on the cottage. Henry tells Simon he does not work well with tools, but Simon sends him up to the roof to remove the shingles.

Nancy tells Barbara to stop crying and that Will wants to go home with his dad, as he is unhappy living in a hotel. Barbara ignores her advice and takes Will back to the hotel.

With a smile on her face, Rosanna tells Craig she is the sole owner of BRO, and she will turn the whole company over to him. This brings pleasure to Craig.

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