ATWT Update Thursday 9/5/02


As the World Turns Thursday 9/5/02

By Loretta

In her hospital bed, Margo awakens from a dream in which she is chasing Henry. When Margo tries to call the police station Tom advises her to take it easy for a while and stop worrying about going back to work. Lucinda arrives with flowers for Margo.

After finding Alison sleeping on Aaron's jacket in the hay Susan asks her if she is sleeping with Aaron. Alison says no, he is only a friend. Susan tells Alison that since her dose of reality (giving her the ok to quit school and find a job) did not work with her, she intends to send her to a boarding school in Wisconsin.

Aaron arrives at the Lakeview and flings Rosanna's phone in her face and tells her that if he tells Lucy about her scheme with Craig, it will only cause Lucy to fight further with her dad, then Craig will fight with Rosanna and it will never end. So Aaron makes Rosanna a deal that if he she promises to leave them alone, he will not show Lucy her phone log (Aaron also keeps Rosanna's phone). Rosanna agrees. Barbara arrives with Will and waits patiently for Rosanna. After Aaron leaves, Rosanna immediately phones Craig with this news and warns him that Aaron is on his way to his place.

Simon visits with Katie at the hospital, he tells her he has been doing lots of work on their cottage (Henry is spying on them). Simon tells Katie that from now on he will put her first and not go running around the world, he intends to stay in Oakdale.

Lucinda asks Margo for the status of Henry Coleman (how he violated his bail when he skipped town with Rose to Avanya). Lucinda states further that he has not followed thru with his commitments to her. Margo (happy for some work to do) tells her she will work on it.

Susan tries her hardest to sell the boarding school idea to Alison. Upset, Alison tells Susan that this is all about getting rid of her. After Susan tries to tell Alison what a wonderful person she is, Alison still refuses to be sent to boarding school. Alison tells Susan that if she sends her there; she will latch on to some geeky girl and her family so they will invite her to spend every school holiday with them so she does not have to see Susan. Susan tells her the plans have already been made. Alison threatens Susan that if she sends her to this school; she will never come home again.

Craig tries to get Lucy to move back in and the conversation leads to Rosanna. Lucy tells Craig this cannot be her home, unless Rosanna is out of the picture. Craig agrees to continue seeing Rosanna but he will make sure he keeps Rosanna out of Lucy's sight. Lucy realizes this is not fair and is the same thing her dad (Craig) was doing to her and Aaron and she tells him so. Aaron arrives and Craig is afraid he will show Lucy Rosanna's phone log, but he does not. Aaron apologizes to Lucy, explaining how Tonya was only in his past, not the present. Lucy accepts Aaron's apology.

Barbara sits and waits for Rosanna to quit getting so many phone calls. Between calls, Barbara tells her she needs her help and to please give BRO another chance. Barbara mentions the friendship she and Rosanna were starting to form.

Simon brings Katie back to her hospital room; he mentions them having children to a shocked but pleased Katie. Katie and Simon agree to discuss "children" when she gets home. Outside Katie's room, Lucinda asks Simon to find Henry for her, he agrees. Later Henry enters Katie's hospital room, he asks her for $20,000 so he can hunt for the Rose of Sharon. Margo enters the room and tells Henry that he is under arrest.

After making up, Lucy agrees to go on a picnic with Aaron. When Lucy leaves the room, Aaron (holding Rosanna's phone) tells Craig he knows all about how Rosanna brought Tonya to Oakdale and he will show the phone to Lucy is he and Rosanna do not leave them alone.

Rosanna ignores Barbara with all her phone calls. Tired of waiting, Barbara grabs Rosanna's phone, and then Rosanna snatches it back. Getting a chance to speak, Barbara pleads with Rosanna that no one can give her money to buy her out and she is nothing without BRO. Rosanna refuses and tells Barbara to grow up. As Rosanna starts to leave, Barbara gets on her knees, grabs Rosanna's arms and begs her for help. Will sees his mother begging and cries for this to stop.

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