ATWT Update Wednesday 9/4/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 9/4/02

By Loretta
Edited by Nicole

Barbara is meeting with Lisa at Java Underground. Hal soon arrives, demanding to see Will but Barbara refuses (she mentions Will is playing with Luke Snyder). An angry Hal runs out and as a furious Barbara tries to follow him, Lisa stops her telling her that if she doesn't stop this, she will not get one cent from her.

Rosanna meets with Craig at the Lakeview. After Craig apologizes for "kicking her out" the night before, they agree to meet later. When Craig leaves, Alison phones Rosanna to tell her that when Craig finds out how Rosanna is responsible for Tanya's presence in Oakdale, he will go ballistic on her. Rosanna tells Alison to name her price and give her the phone back, but Alison refuses. Rosanna phones Susan to meet with her. When Susan arrives with Emily, Rosanna tells them how Alison stole her cellular phone and that she offered her money for its return, as it has sensitive information on its call log.

Aaron visits with Alison, who tries to convince him that things with Lucy will turn out all right. Aaron says that he doesn't understand how Tanya got the money to come to Oakdale in the first place. Having a change of heart, Alison reveals to Aaron that she is about to pass on the opportunity to make a great deal of money as she values Aaron. Alison then explains that him and Lucy were set up by Rosanna Cabot and she has the proof in her hand (she shows him Rosanna's phone). Alison shows the phone's logs to Aaron, who recognizes Tanya's old phone number in Seattle.

Hal arrives at Holden's to see Will. Will wants Hal to take him back home. Hal explains that he has a judge working on getting him back home. Luke is upset as Will broke his skyscraper toy, but Holden suggests to Luke that he forgive him. Luke tells Holden that Will lies.

Barbara asks Lisa to go back into their business partnership. Barbara tells Lisa how Rosanna backed out of her investment in BRO, but offered her money for it which was twice BRO's worth. Lisa tells her she should have taken the money, as she cannot break her contract with Carly.

Rosanna tells Susan and Emily that Lucy confided in her that she has concerns for Alison as she is a troubled girl. Rosanna explains about a boarding school called the Wentworth Academy for troubled girls in Wisconsin and how the Cabot Foundation would like to offer Alison a scholarship to it. Susan is thrilled with this idea and says she will think about it.

After hearing the news that he was set up by Rosanna, Aaron tells Alison that she is awesome, funny, smart and hot. Aaron thanks Alison then kisses her as a friend.

Craig has a heart to heart talk with Lucy, as she is obviously upset with Aaron (Craig brought Lucy a box of her favorite chocolates). Lucy tells her dad that she misses times like this with him.

Barbara tells Lisa that Craig, Carly and Rosanna are trying to ruin her and her life is falling apart. Lisa says Will is falling apart also. Lisa still insists that Barbara should have taken Rosanna's offer to buy her out. Barbara begs Lisa to bring her back as her business partner but Lisa firmly tells her she is not getting one cent from her.

Susan tells Emily that they have tried everything with Alison and have failed. Emily is against sending Alison to the boarding school and tries to figure out why Alison stole Rosanna's phone, then figures out Aaron probably involved in it.

Will apologizes for breaking Luke's toy. After Hal hugs Will goodbye, Hal thanks Holden for allowing Will to play with Luke. Barbara suddenly arrives and is furious to find Hal there. Barbara screams at Hal that he is feeding Will lies about her, Hal yells back. Will overhears them fighting.

Craig asks Lucy to move back in, but she hesitates. Lucy says that the reason they are not as close as they should be is due to Rosanna.

Susan thanks Rosanna for her offer and says she will talk to Emily and Alison about it. Rosanna asks Susan to not tell Alison that the scholarship is from her. Susan agrees. After Susan leaves, Aaron arrives armed with Rosanna's cellular phone. Aaron tells Rosanna they need to talk.

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