ATWT Update Tuesday 9/3/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 9/3/02

By Loretta
Edited by Nicole

Having drinks together at Java Underground, Carly suggests to Molly to make an anonymous cash donation to complete the burn unit at Oakdale Memorial, as long as Kasnoff Construction is hired to complete the building. Brandy arrives to pick up her last paycheck but Isaac tells her that unless she reveals her involvement with Marshall, he will not be able to locate her check.

Paul figures out that James (his dad) is using Marshall to run for the D.A. in order to free himself of all charges in the kidnapping case, he tells Marshall this. Marshall replies that everything he does has to do with his father. Paul tries to point out James' past, then Marshall states that everyone has the right to representation.

Rosanna promises Craig that after tonight, Aaron will be out of Lucy's life. Craig asks Rosanna if she is sure she wants Mike out of her life, but Rosanna quickly says Mike is out of her picture. Craig and Rosanna make love.

Tanya shows up at the country club, telling Aaron how he promised they would be together and he would come back for her. When Lucy questions her, Tanya tells her that she and Aaron were lovers. Upset, Lucy runs off. Aaron runs after Lucy and loses his job at the country club while doing so.

Molly points out to Carly that Rosanna did the same thing to Mike (getting him a job in Venezuela) so she would be no better than Rosanna, if she were to take Carly's advice. Carly tells Molly that this is no time to play "nice" as Rosanna cannot wait to get her claws in Mike. Molly insists she will make a cash donation to the hospital and tell Mike the truth about it. Carly advises her that Mike would never go for that. Mike arrives and wonders what the two of them are up to.

Alison asks Tanya if the name Rosanna Cabot means anything to her. Alison then grabs Tanya's purse, pulls out the money Rosanna gave her and tosses it up in the air. Caught doing this by one of the club's managers, Alison then quits her short-lived job as a waitress.

After making love, Craig tells Rosanna that she should go away for a little while as if her scheme goes as planned, Lucy will need him around more then usual. Rosanna points out that after tonight, Lucy may consider going back to Montega. Lucy then walks in upset. Aaron arrives and begs to see Lucy.

Paul threatens Marshall to go public with the fact that he plans to free James Stenbeck, if he becomes D.A. Marshall is not intimidated by Paul's threats. When Paul leaves, Brandy arrives and tells Marshall that unless he gives her enough cash to never have to return to Oakdale again, she will spill every transaction that he ever made to her. After Brandy threatens to go to Jessica about Marshall paying her for information, Marshall tells her to go ahead.

Aaron manages to see Lucy and explain that his involvement with Tonya happened before he met her. Aaron announces to Craig that he knows he paid Tanya to come to Oakdale, as Tanya herself has no money to come to Oakdale and doesn't even know where he lives. Craig denies this.

Upset after Craig told her to go away for a brief time, Rosanna arrives at the Lakeview Lounge. Alison arrives and hears Rosanna leaving a message for Tanya regarding their scheme. Alison then sits with Rosanna at her table and tells her that she knows she paid "Tanya Trailer Trash" to come to Oakdale to break Aaron and Lucy up. Alison then grabs Rosanna's phone and questions her about the many call logs she must have on her phone to Seattle and the airport.

Mike tells Carly and Molly that he just got a job with his friend Sparky at his garage. Mike is pleased with this. When Mike leaves to go start the car for his "date" with Molly, Molly asks Carly to make an anonymous cash donation to Oakdale Memorial. Carly agrees.

Paul arrives at Java Underground and tells Isaac he must speak to Bonnie about Marshall Travers. Marshall then makes a call to James telling him that Oakdale is full of challenges to overcome - immediately.

Rosanna tells Alison that she will pay her any amount of money she desires, as long as she gives her the phone back and keeps her big mouth shut. Alison tells Rosanna that she likes one thing better than money and that is seeing Rosanna squirm. Alison runs off, with Rosanna's phone in her hand.

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