ATWT Update Friday 8/30/02


As the World Turns Friday 8/30/02

By Loretta

Meeting Molly at Java Underground, Carly asks her about her relationship with Mike. Molly says she is concerned as Mike turned down a job in San Tropez in order to remain in Oakdale. Carly advises Molly that Mike likes her, so let him stick around. Carly refers to Mike as "the whole enchilada - with extra sauce." Carly then asks Molly to be her maid of honor at her upcoming wedding to Jack. At first Molly is hesitant, as she is not sure she will feel comfortable being in a wedding, so soon after Jakeís death, then Carly convinces her.

Bob meets with Mike at the Lakeview to discuss the possibility of him working on some building projects at Oakdale Memorial. Bob tells Mike he is sorry, but the hospital currently does not have the budget. On his way out, Mike runs into Craig and they briefly chat.

Paul asks Barbara if she uses Marshall to send messages to his dad (James Stenbeck). Barbara insists she does not. Paul wants to know why she hired an attorney (Marshall) who was sent to her by James, especially after she stabbed him. Barbara says perhaps James still cares about her in his own special way. Marshall arrives and tells Barbara that Hal filed a counter suit for custody of Will.

At the Country Club, Aaron and Lucy toast to their relationship (with iced tea) and kiss (Alison sees them). Alison tells them is going to quit school and get a job.

During a break in their kissing, Rosanna promises she will rid Aaron out of Lucyís life while Craig keeps his hands clean of it. Rosanna warns Craig that Lucy will be badly hurt. Craig feels that is ok, as long as it is only temporary. Rosanna tells Craig he will be Lucyís hero.

Alison asks Aaron if he will put in a good word for her as she is going to apply at the Country Club. Aaron and Lucy tell her she is crazy to think the Country Club will hire her, since she got thrown out of it and taken off to jail.

Rosanna speaks on the phone to the girl from Seattle who is to arrive in Oakdale. She arranges to meet her at Alís Diner. At Alís, Rosanna sits down with Tanya Cole, who says that Aaron helped her out when her husband was abusing her and if it werenít for him, she doesnít know what would have happened. Sensing Tanya wants to back out of their plan, Rosanna asks her if she will do what they discussed. Tanya is nervous.

Carly mentions to Molly how every time she blasts Rosanna in front of Mike, he sticks up for her, but says Mike is just acting like the gentleman he is.

Aaron agrees to talk to his manager about recommending Alison for a job. A few minutes later, Aaron arrives with news that Alison is hired since much of their help has left to go back to college, so they are understaffed. The club will try Alison out for one day as a waitress. When Aaron hands Alison a tray full of drinks, she drops them.

When Paul starts bad mouthing his mother and Marshallís law tactics, Marshall tells him that any boy who talks to his mother like that should get a whipping. Paul insists he will talk with Marshall now about James. Paul puts down $680. on the table (Marshallís hourly fee). Barbara now leaves. Paul asks what does his father (James) want from Marshall. Paul threatens to kill Marshall if he does not disclose this.

Tanya asks Rosanna why she wants to break up Lucy and his girlfriend. Rosanna replies that how she benefits is her business and leaves. Rosanna left an envelope overstuffed with cash for Tanya.

Mike meets with Carly and Molly and tells them that Oakdale Memorial canít use his work at the moment, but he will look up an old friend, who works at an auto repair shop, so maybe he can get work there. After Mike leaves, Molly worries about Mike taking a job at an auto repair shop, that he will eventually regret this and hate her. Carly announces that she has an idea to get everyone what he or she wants.

When Craig sees Rosanna he asks her if her plans for the evening include Mike. He asks Rosanna if Mike will still be a temptation for her, now that she could not make him leave Oakdale as she planned and if this will threaten their relationship.

Aaron asks Lucy to go on a picnic and concert with him the next day. Lucy smiles and they kiss. They are interrupted by Tanya who arrives and announces to Aaron that he knows why she is here. Tanya says that Aaron said that they would be together and that she had to find him. Lucy is shocked.

Laughing wickedly, Paul apologizes to Marshall. Paul then asks Marshall if James is making sure that his mom (Barbara) gets everything she wants (her freedom and Willís custody), so that she owes him so he can collect. Paul realizes why Marshall is running for District Attorney, he figures that if Marshall is elected as the D.A., he will grant his dad freedom.

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