ATWT Update Thursday 8/29/02


As the World Turns Thursday 8/29/02

By Loretta

Bonnie tells Isaac she is convinced that Brandy snitched to Marshall and wants to approach her. Isaac advises her to wait until they have proof. When Brandy arrives, she questions Isaac and Bonnie for their unusual looks.

Aaron and Lucy arrive to practice batting with Luke. Aaron tells Holden that he feels he does not need counseling. Barbara arrives with Will.

At the Lakeview, Alison hears Rosanna talking on the phone to a Tanya Cole who is to arrive in Oakdale from Seattle. Alison then sits down with Rosanna and asks her if she will hire her as her assistant, as she knows that Rosanna is as eager as she to break up Lucy and Aaron.

Sierra tells Craig he will be lucky if Rosanna dumps him. Sierra warns Craig to not allow Rosanna to "parent" Lucy any more and to hear and support Lucy’s choices. Later Sierra and Craig discuss Bryant and Lucy when they were little in Montega.

Paul arrives at Hal’s to let him know that Will is unhappy living with his mother (Barbara).

Will goes to play outside with Luke. Lily is angry that Barbara set foot in her house and confronts her about it.

Isaac tells Bonnie that he can’t fire Brandy without proper causes. Bonnie and Isaac recall how on the 4th of July Lisa caught Brandy counting lots of cash, then Brandy tracked Isaac down at the picnic to tell him the pipes at Java Underground were leaking. They feel this is when Brandy overheard them discussing Isaac’s license issue.

Sierra tells Craig he must treat Aaron with more respect. This gets Craig upset, so he begins yelling. Sierra reminds Craig to not ever let Rosanna watch Lucy again. Lucy and Aaron arrive and say goodbye to Sierra. As Sierra is ready to leave, Rosanna arrives. Sierra warns Rosanna to stay away from Lucy or she will make her life Hell.

Bonnie approaches Brandy and tells her she knows she is working for Marshall and that he paid her money to give him information on Isaac and her mother (Jessica). Brandy denies this and threatens to quit.

Lily tells Barbara that Will can come over anytime he wishes, but she does not want Barbara in her home. Barbara says how what she did to Carly, Emily and Rose is unforgivable but she will not spend time in jail as Will needs her. Lily doesn’t want to hear her explanation and tells her she is not welcome in her home.

Hal tells Paul that Tom filed for him to regain custody of Will. When Paul asks about Marshall Travers, Hal explains that Marshall was a gift to Barbara from James when she arrived back in Oakdale. Hal also explains that Marshall admitted to working for James in the past.

Marshall arrives at the Lakeview and gives the host money to tell the two women he is supposed to meet that he has left.

Rosanna denies wanting to keep Lucy and Aaron apart and she leaves. Alison writes down the name Tanya Cole and wonders who she is.

Luke asks Lily if Will can stay for dinner. Lily says of course. Barbara agrees to this (Holden says he will drive Will back to Barbara’s hotel). As Barbara leaves, she smiles radiantly while giving Lily her evil eye. Lily tells Holden that she visited the doctor and was advised to get plenty of bed rest, during her last few months of her pregnancy.

After he breaks up Bonnie’s discussion with Brandy, Isaac tells her Java Underground is understaffed and he will not let her go. Alone, Brandy phones Marshall and tells her that Bonnie and Isaac know that he paid her for information. Marshall simply tells her that she is on her own and hangs up. When Brandy leaves, Isaac checks out her phone and finds out the last number she called was to Marshall Travers.

Hal and Paul feel Marshall is currently working for James, so Paul heads to the Lakeview to track Marshall down. At the Lakeview, Paul runs into Bonnie, who he finds out is also looking into Marshall’s background out. They agree to share any information they find out about Marshall with each other. Paul runs into his mom (Barbara) here.

Rosanna tells Craig that she just made a phone call and this evening, Lucy will want to be far away from Aaron.

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