ATWT Update Wednesday 8/28/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 8/28/02

By Loretta

As Isaac is fighting off reporters on the phone who question Jessica granting him a political favor, Bonnie arrives. Bonnie and Isaac discuss her momís debate with Marshall Travers (Brandy overhears them). 

At Java Paul tells his mother (Barbara) that he is not coming back to work for BRO. This upsets her. Barbara snaps at him and tells him that BRO is bankrupt. Paul explains his concern for Will. 

Bob announces to everyone that Katie and Margo are doing well. John checks on Margo who is still sedated, and mumbling something about Katie not being well. Suddenly Katieís blood pressure drops and the alarms go off on her monitors, John then performs life support techniques on Katie. After Bob tells Simon and Tom about Katieís emergency, Simon rushes in her room and tells her to stay with him. Lucy tells her dad (Craig) about Aaron entering Margoís empty house, then being seen by Tom. Lucy then mentions the broken trophy. Craig sarcastically asks Lucy if the trophy broke by itself. Craig thanks Lucy for telling him and leaves it at that, which surprises Lucy. Jack arrives and asks Craig how Katie and Margo are. 

Isaac asks Bonnie where their relationship stands. After discussing it, Bonnie tells Isaac she loves him and they hug. Jessica arrives and admits she did not break any laws, and she intends to hold a press conference to explain this. 

An angry Barbara tells Paul how he had abandoned her and Will, like everyone else. Paul tries to tell Barbara that Will is not acting right, which makes Barbara more angry, so she gets ready to leave with Will. 

Emily cancels her and her momís appointment with Dr. Michaels. They feel they can handle Alison on their own with their new plan. 

Craig tells Jack that he and Carly had better stay away from his daughterís life or he will make trouble. During Katieís emergency (as Simon talks to her), we see Katie walking toward a bright light, she sees her father, then she sees Simon behind her, calling her back. Katieís condition then stabilizes. While Tom visits with a groggy Margo, Katie slightly awakens to see Simon smiling at her bedside. 

Craig threatens to make Jack and Carlyís wedding a disaster if they interfere with Lucy. Jack starts to threaten Craig but he stops and tells him that the heart of the woman he is going to marry belongs to him, not Craig. 

Marshall arrives at Java Underground and apologizes to Jessica. He then hands her a deposition from a member of the Liquor Control Board who insists that Jessica pressured a judge into changing his mind about Isaacís license. Marshall says that he will not release this unless Jessica refuses to drop out of the D.A. race in 24 hours. 

Emily and Susan speak with Alison and decide to make some changes. They explain to Alison that they will back off of her and she can quit school since she hates it so much. Then they tell her she will have to get a job, pay for her clothes, meals and other needs. Alison is thrilled and runs to go out. Emily and Susan were hoping for a different response from Alison. 

After indicating his unhappiness living with his mom, Will tells Paul that he does not wish to hurt his momís feelings, and asks Paul to talk to her. Paul tries, mentioning how Will needs to play with other children, but he is unsuccessful. Barbara will not listen to him and she leaves with Will. 

On a date at Java, Aaron tells Lucy he is happy now that they can freely see each other, but he worries about their future and if her dad changes his mind. 

Bonnie tells Marshall she wonders why a successful attorney like himself wants to run for D.A. in a small town like Oakdale. Bonnie then tells him she intends to find out his true reason for wanting to be D.A. When Isaac asked Marshall to tell them who snitched on him about his liquor license incident, he notices a flustered look on his face. After Marshall leaves, Isaac mentions Marshallís look to Bonnie and asks her if she thinks one of their employees could have snitched. When Isaac sees Brandy, he immediately suspects her of snitching to Marshall. 

While they are both still groggy from the anesthetic, Margo calls out for Katie. Hearing her sister, Katie reaches out for Margo and they hold hands.

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