ATWT Update Tuesday 8/27/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 8/27/02

By Loretta

When Paul visits Hal, he is told that Will is with Barbara.  Hal explains how family court granted Barbara temporary custody of Will, and how she took Will with her on Hal’s wedding day.  Hal explains he will have to take Barbara to court.  Hal and Paul are concerned that Barbara may hurt Will, so Paul agrees to talk with his mom (Barbara). 

At Java, Barbara frantically leaves Rosanna another message, while Will sits bored.  Smiling, Barbara tells Will she loves living alone with him.

Tom, Lisa, Craig and Adam wait at the hospital for news on Margo and Katie.  Simon arrives with news that Katie is bleeding more heavily than anticipated. Tom then hears that Margo is out of surgery and ok.

As Mike and Molly kiss, Molly suddenly announces she is confused as one day Mike is in Oakdale, the other day he is not.  Molly tells Mike that if he cannot stay more than one night, she wants no part of it.  Mike announces he intends to stay more than one night, explaining he is not going to San Tropez and wants to give him and Molly a chance. 

Abigail arrives at the hospital and visits with Chris, who excitedly explains about Margo’s surgery.  Adam hears him and angrily snaps at him, then Chris apologizes.  John visits with a sedated Margo and has a heart to heart talk with her.  Craig tells Lucy and Aaron about Margo and Katie, later Craig brings them some juice.

After discussing this with Hal, Paul agrees that Barbara is suffocating Will, as she did with him when he was a little boy.  Paul phones his mom and arranges to meet her at Java.

Abigail tells Adam that she is moving into her own apartment.  Lucy tells Aaron that her dad must know that he will go for counseling, before someone else tells him.  Stressed out from worrying about Katie, Simon airs his frustration to Craig about Katie’s impulsiveness and this surgery. 

Molly asks Mike if he is sure he wants to stay in Oakdale, as she does not wish to ruin his life, not after Mike saved hers.  Mike says that since he has done all that he wants to in his life, meeting Molly made him realize he could have so much more.

Abigail tells Adam that she is glad he is back in Oakdale.  Adam tells Abigail that he thinks of her often and admits he gets jealous when he sees her with Chris.  Craig tells Simon that Katie has become impulsive because Simon is too adventurous and always looks for danger, so she is following Simon’s actions.  John checks on Margo who is stabilized. 

Paul arrives and hugs Will and his mom (Barbara).  Paul tells Barbara he wishes to clear the air.  Barbara says she will listen, as long as Paul does not lecture her.  Paul apologizes to Barbara about him quitting BRO, and that he wishes to put off their bad feelings (Barbara thinks Paul means that he is coming back to work for BRO).  Paul is speechless.

Craig still argues with Simon about Katie, then they both apologize to each other, as they are both worried about Katie and Margo.  Katie is wheeled in next to Margo’s bed.

Mike asks Molly to go on a date with him the following evening (Molly thought he meant he wanted to sleep with her).  Molly smiles and says yes.

Bob announces that Margo and Katie should regain consciousness in a few hours, then they can have a few visitors.  Still sedated, Margo keeps hearing Katie sing a lullaby, while she realizes something is wrong with Katie.

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