ATWT Update Monday 8/26/02


As the World Turns Monday 8/26/02

By Loretta

On the air with Molly, Marshall and Jessica each speak during the live debate. Mike arrives and hugs Molly during a station break. Bonnie urges Jessica to cancel this debate as she heard Marshall say he will announce damaging information about her.

Simon asks Katie how she could make the decision to be Margo's liver donor, without telling him first. Katie, in tears, says she did not want to worry him and if he knew, he would try and talk her out of it. Katie then tells Simon to decide if she should go ahead with the transplant.

Alison arrives to see Aaron and Lucy kissing. She advises the two lovebirds that they better hope Lucy's dad lifts that restraining order quickly, cause he is going to freak when he finds out Aaron is seeing a shrink.

Rosanna is angry when she catches Sierra hugging Craig. Sierra then exchanges snippy words with Rosanna. Craig says that Sierra embraced him like any friend would do. Sierra confesses to Rosanna that she and Craig did not sleep together in Montega.  She explains she told her this to see her reaction. Sierra leaves. Rosanna tells Craig she doesn't believe Sierra. Frustrated, Craig asks Rosanna if she knows what his life is currently like, his two sisters are in surgery with one in critical condition and his daughter hates him.

Mike tells Molly that he left the Venezuela job when he found out that Rosanna's company had backed it. Mike knows that Molly is aware of this and waits to see if she confesses. Molly does and tells Mike they need to spend more time together. Mike says his time in Oakdale is limited as he leaves for St. Tropez for a job in a few days.

Aaron tells Lucy about him dropping that trophy at Margo's empty house, then Tom walking in on him. Aaron insists he did not steal anything and now his dad wants him to go for counseling. Lucy tells Aaron they must keep this a secret.

Katie tells Simon she has the opportunity to help someone that she loves and she cannot go back on her decision. As Simon gets teary eyed, Katie tells him she cannot let him make this decision, as she knows in her heart it is right. Simon agrees and hugs Katie.

Sierra arrives to find Lucy with Aaron. Angry, she asks them why they are together when she asked them to stay apart until she talks to her dad (Craig). Sierra then tells them that Craig has lifted the restraining order, but she reminds them to follow her dad's rules.

Jessica tells her TV audience how since she has worked with the local law enforcement; crime has dropped extensively in Oakdale. Marshall then points out that James Stenbeck is still at large, then Jessica brings up the Barbara Ryan trial. During a break, Bonnie tells Marshall that she knows he has a plot to make her mom look bad. Molly tries to talk Mike out of leaving Oakdale, but he insists he cannot.

Rosanna apologizes for being insensitive. Craig tells Rosanna that he has lifted the restraining order on Aaron. Rosanna then tells Craig she may find a way to end Lucy's infatuation with Aaron, so does he want her help? Craig agrees, then kisses her. When Craig leaves, Rosanna imagines Lucy back in Montega, while she has Craig all to herself.

Mike tells Molly she was all he thought about since he left for Venezuela. Molly asks him why he can't get a job in Oakdale. Marshall tells Jessica that if she just drops out of the D.A. race today, he will spare her family embarrassment. Jessica tells Marshall he is blackmailing her. Back on the air, Marshall tells the TV audience that Jessica is devoted to her family, especially granting them political favors. Marshall then explains how Jessica abused her power by using her influence with Government agencies to benefit her daughter's boyfriend, a bar owner. When the show ends, Bonnie tells Marshall that she will find out all of his secrets.

Simon kisses Katie goodbye as she is wheeled off to surgery. Craig arrives, then Lucy arrives and thanks her dad for lifting that restraining order. Lucy tells him she will move back in as long as he acts polite to Aaron, who she will continue to see. Craig agrees, then he apologizes to Aaron and tells him he was only trying to protect his daughter.

Rosanna snoops around Craig's drawer and retrieves Aaron's police records. When Alison arrives to return Lucy's dress, Alison sees Aaron's records and looks at them. Rosanna snatches them away from Alison. Alison then tells her that if she ever needs help with anything, she will pitch in (meaning Lucy and Aaron), but Rosanna is not sure of what she is talking about. Once Alison leaves, Rosanna announces to herself that she will miss Lucy.

Mike tells Molly that if she keeps kissing him like this, he will figure a way to stay in Oakdale.

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