ATWT Update Friday 8/23/02


As the World Turns Friday 8/23/02

By Loretta

Molly is back to work at the TV station; Kim is there to wish her well. Jessica and Marshall are there to be interviewed by Molly for a live debate.

As Aaron works in the yard, Holden brings him a letter addressed to him from the school district. Since the letter is postmarked a week earlier, Holden asks Aaron why he has not opened it, as it is probably his GED test results. Aaron says he didn't want to jinx his good relationship with Lucy. After Holden urges him to open it, Aaron finds out he passed.

Before her counseling session with Dr. Michaels, Alison stops by to see Lucy to borrow a dress for her image makeover.

Rosanna chats with an angry Mike at the Lakeview lounge. Mike can't understand why Rosanna had him sent out of the country and away from Molly, simply because she did not trust herself around him. He says he did not realize he had hurt her that much in their past relationship. As Rosanna starts to leave, Carly arrives and tells Mike that he is glad he received her fax.

Sierra is not going to tell Rosanna the truth about her and Craig until he agrees to lift the restraining order against Aaron. Sierra tells Craig that Rosanna is trying to come between him and Lucy.

Waiting to be taken to surgery, Katie gives Margo a new hairdo to go with the new liver she will get. Margo smiles at her sister and tells her there is no one like her.

Simon arrives at Craig's and calls out Katie's name. He finds a note from Katie addressed to him that simply reads that she will be home soon.

Lily welcomes Lucinda, Paul and Henry home. They all hug each other except for Henry, who asks why no one hugs him. Lucinda tells Lily that Joe is in the hospital. Paul gives Lily a note from Rose and says Rose is not coming back to Oakdale, she may go to Italy with Joe and visit her home in New Jersey and their wedding plans are on hold for now. When Paul leaves, Lucinda tells Lily that she is surprised that Paul calmly let Rose go off with Joe.

Alison arrives at Dr. Michaels' office, dressed in what she calls her Marcia Brady look. She acts sweet and quiet and tells Dr. Michaels that she hopes their session brings some balance to her relationship with her mom and sister. As they chat, they can hear Emily and Susan arguing loudly outside the door.

Before Rosanna leaves, Carly tells her to go fly off to Valenzuela. Mike tells Carly to stop nagging her sister.

Sierra tells Craig he had better shape up as a father or Lucy will never forgive him. Craig then visits with Margo and Katie. Tom and Casey are there. Before Margo is wheeled off to surgery, she tells Tom that he is the best thing that ever happened to her. Before she goes, Margo tells Craig to fix things with Lucy, as you never know what happens. Craig then sits near Katie who is crying. After they hug, Katie is taken off to her surgery.

Craig arrives home and finds Simon there. He tells Simon about Margo's critical condition and how she was in need of a liver transplant, and Katie is the donor. Hearing this Simon runs out the door to the hospital.

In their counseling session Emily and Susan yell at one another while Alison sits prim and proper and quiet until she announces that Emily and Susan constantly argue about what a problem she is. Then all three scream at each other while Dr. Michaels stares at them in amazement. When they are finished, Dr. Michaels explains they have a communication problem and she will see them on Wednesday.

Lucinda tells Henry to be in her office the next morning at 8 a.m. Henry is not crazy about working with Lucinda and says he likes flexibility. When he asks Lucinda to give him $20,000 so he can leave, Lucinda firmly insists she will make him a productive member of society.

Carly sits with Mike, urging him to go see Molly at the TV station. The TV is turned on in the lounge and Mike watches Molly.

Back at the TV station, Marshall tells the camera man to keep the camera trained on him when things get interesting and announces that today marks the end of Jessica's career. Bonnie overhears this.

As Sierra is visiting with Craig at his apartment, Craig phones Marshall and tells him to lift the restraining order against Aaron. After Craig and Sierra reminisce about their children as youngsters, Sierra hugs Craig. Rosanna arrives and sees them hugging.

Not caring about the restraining order, Lucy visits Aaron and they hug. Lucy is pleased that Aaron passed his GED exams.

As Katie is being wheeled out of her room to surgery, Simon arrives and sees her.

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