ATWT Update Thursday 8/22/02


As the World Turns Thursday 8/22/02

By Loretta

Bonnie arrives at Java to apologize to Isaac, they hug. Bonnie then shows Isaac her legal papers and announces she is now part owner in Java Underground and stresses to Isaac the importance of this to her. Isaac tells her he will call his lawyer, as he does not want her as a partner.

Emily and Susan wait for Alison to arrive, since they made an appointment for all three of them to see a therapist. Alison arrives, snipping at them for taking up her time. Alison is not thrilled with the idea of seeing a therapist and lets them know. Barbara is there and chuckles at the arguing coming from their table. After Alison leaves, Barbara comes over to Emily to sarcastically tell her that she admires her way with children, that is why she will never let her get her hands on her child (Will). As Barbara walks away, Emily and Susan continue arguing.

Holden tells Aaron they need to talk about why he entered Margo's empty house. Lily insists that Aaron should see a therapist, but Holden says no - he doesn't want to push Aaron away like Caleb and Julie did.

Sierra visits with Lily (her sister). Lily gets a call from Katie who is trying to see if she got any more news about the Avanya group and Simon, then Tom gets on the phone and tells Lily that "the thing with Aaron and their house" is no big deal. Lily has no idea what Tom means.

Craig arrives home and finds Lucy all packed up to move into her grandmother's home. Rosanna arrives, and then Lucy leaves at the sight of her. Rosanna asks Craig if it is true that he slept with his ex-wife Sierra while he was in Monteyga. Craig denies this. Upset, Rosanna starts to hit him, then says how he had meant so much to her, that is why she had Mike sent away.

Sierra tells Lily that she lied and told Rosanna that her and Craig slept together while he was in Monteyga. After Lily asks Sierra if she still wants Craig, Sierra says no. Lucy then arrives to ask about Aaron, but Sierra quickly reminds her of the restraining order. After Lucy and Sierra leave, Lily questions Holden about Aaron entering Margo's empty house. Holden explains.

Jessica arrives at Java Underground, and defends Lisa, when Isaac accuses Lisa of going behind his back to offer Bonnie a partnership in their club. Isaac tells Jessica that Bonnie got this idea from Marshall Travers, this shocks Jessica. Bonnie overhears this and tells Isaac that no man ever tells her what to do. Isaac accuses Bonnie of wanting to rule Java Underground, since she is a duchess. Isaac insists that he likes the club the way it is, without her being a partner.

Craig arrives at the hospital to visit Katie and Margo, and finds Lucy and Sierra there. Alone with Sierra, Craig asks her if she told Rosanna that they slept together while he was in Monteyga. Sierra says yes she did, to prove to Rosanna that Craig has other women who are important in his life, like his daughter Lucy.

Alison arrives to visit with Aaron and tells him that she is supposed to see a therapist. She apologizes to Aaron for causing problems for him and Lucy. Aaron accepts her apology. Aaron convinces Alison to see the therapist, he says she may turn out to be the sanest person in the room.

Mike is back in Oakdale and he phones Rosanna and asks to meet with him. When Rosanna arrives and tells Mike that since she is in a relationship now with Craig Montgomery, Mike's presence was too much of a temptation for her, as she wanted to be with him (Mike).

At the hospital, Craig hears a voice calling him. Out pops Katie who is hiding from the doctors in order to speak to Craig in private. Katie asks him to promise that when Simon returns, to not tell him that she is donating her liver to Margo, and that he must not find out until Margo is in the clear. After her physician catches her out of her room, Craig promises to keep the truth from Simon.

After Isaac tells Bonnie he wants her contract destroyed, Bonnie tells him that it will be hard to learn to love this club more than him. Sadly, she leaves.

Craig asks Sierra to please tell Rosanna that they did not sleep together in Monteyga. Sierra says she would love to, if Craig would only lift the restraining order from Aaron.

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