ATWT Update Tuesday 8/20/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 8/20/02

By Loretta

John tells Katie she is the perfect match to be Margo's liver donor. Margo insists Katie will not endanger herself by donating her liver. Hal arrives and visits with Margo. Seeing Hal, Margo senses something is wrong, then Hal tells her that Barbara has taken off with Will. Margo suggests that Hal talk with Barbara alone.

Rosanna arrives for her meeting with Barbara, who with a smile, immediately tells Rosanna her legal troubles are over and she has her son back. Rosanna then informs her that Cabot Motors must withdraw their investment in BRO. Barbara is shocked.

Lucy tells Aaron that thanks to Carly phoning her mom to come to Oakdale, their relationship will now have a chance. Lucy tells Aaron she has moved out of her dad's and into her grandmother's house (Lucinda). Aaron tells Lucy that he is sorry that he is the cause for her fighting with her dad. Sierra arrives and reminds Lucy and Aaron that they can only be in this room together, as she is with them (due to the restraining order). Sierra then apologizes to Aaron for everything Craig has done to him recently, she then asks Aaron to explain his background. Aaron tells Sierra about his past in Seattle, his police record and the woman he protected from her abusive husband.

Craig arrives at the police station. Shouting, he tells Carly that Aaron poses a danger to Lucy and she had no right calling Sierra. Carly advises Craig that if he doesn't want to lose his daughter, he must sit down and listen to her. Craig then insults Carly by telling her that he can't understand her giving him instructions on love, when she has been with so many different men in the past. Carly then gets a phone call from the Coast Guard who indicates the group in Avanya are safe.

Rosanna gets a call from Craig while she speaks with Barbara. Barbara realizes this call is from Craig and it is he who put her up to this, as he wants to ruin her and take over BRO. Rosanna hands Barbara their contract with the applicable clauses highlighted. Rosanna then tells Barbara she wants a percentage of BRO.

John tells Tom and Katie that Margo must agree to Katie donating her liver before any transplant happens. Jack arrives, then Carly who has good news from Avanya for Katie. Tom tells Margo that he and their children need her and to please let Katie be her liver donor. Margo agrees.

Rosanna gives Barbara 24 hours to make her decision. Hal arrives and Barbara tells him she is going to lose BRO. Hal wants to know where Will is and reminds Barbara that Will have been thru Hell the past year. Barbara tells Hal that Will is at a 4-star hotel with a babysitter. Hal then tells Barbara that he is glad she is not in jail and that Will has a mother, but their situation must change. He reminds her that no judge would grant her custody of Will, not with her recent past, so she needs to bring Will home to him, so he won't be forced to take her to court.

Rosanna arrives at Craig's. Craig immediately wants to know what Carly said about Lucy and Sierra. Rosanna offers her help and suggests that Craig make Lucy go back to Montega for three weeks. In that time she probably will forget all about Aaron, but if Lucy comes back to Oakdale and still has feelings for Aaron, then Craig should let them see each other within reason.

After hearing Aaron's explanations, Sierra tells him and Lucy that she will discuss this with Craig and let him know that Aaron is a responsible person, but both of them need to obey Craig's curfew and some rules, then the situation will improve. Sierra tells them they need to stay apart until she talks with Craig. Aaron and Lucy kiss goodbye.

At the hospital Carly tells Jack that she called Sierra and told her all about Craig's obnoxious behavior with his daughter and Aaron, and that she simply wanted to help them, now Craig is furious at her. After Jack laughs, they kiss. Seeing Katie, Carly tells her that the Coast Guard called and said the Avanya group are safe, including Simon. Katie informs Margo that Simon is safe. Jack tells Katie he is placing a call through to Simon, then she can tell him about the transplant situation. John thanks Katie for being Margo's liver donor, and then Katie says she is ready whenever the doctors are. Katie then gets the call from Simon.

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