ATWT Update Monday 8/19/02


As the World Turns Monday 8/19/02

By Loretta

John and Bob discuss the possibility of a liver transplant for Margo, they both agree the odds are not good in quickly finding a donor.

Looking for Margo and finding the door open, Aaron enters Margo's house. It is dark and no one appears to be home. Just then Tom arrives and looks at Aaron suspiciously.

As Lucy gets ready to move into Lucinda's home, Sierra arrives. Sierra and Lucy hug. Lucy tells Sierra that Craig has made life unbearable for Aaron and then tells her about the restraining order he had placed Aaron with. When Lucy leaves, Craig accuses Sierra of using Aaron and Lucy to get back at him for Bryant's (their son) death. Sierra tells Craig he is a control freak.

At the police department, Carly looks in the newspapers for a place to hold her and Jack's Halloween wedding. Lily arrives to try and get some information on the group in Avanya and the hurricane. Jack makes a phone call to the Coast Guard.

Lucinda, Rose, Joe, Paul, Henry are in the boat in rough waters, while Simon tries his best to drive it. Rose reassures Joe that she will never let anyone hurt him again. As Henry tries to rid some water off the deck, Donovan appears and tries to kill Henry. Henry manages to break free and runs back inside the boat. Simon runs out on deck and fights Donovan, but both fall overboard. Paul then runs out on deck and pulls Simon from the water.

Chris mentions the possibility of a live liver donor transplant for Margo, but Bob states it is too risky for the patient in need and the donor. Aware of the risks involved, Katie announces she will be Margo's liver donor.

Holden gets a phone call from Jack that a boat with several people on board had left Avanya. Holden then leaves for the police department with Aaron to meet Lily there. Arriving at the police department Holden tells Jack about Margo. As Holden leaves for home with Lily and Jack leaves for the hospital, Carly decides to stay in case the Coast Guard calls back with more news on the Avanya group. Aaron asks Carly for help with his newest problem.

Chris tells Margo the truth about her present condition, that if they cannot find a liver donor soon, she will die. Margo thanks Chris for his honesty. Despite the risks, Katie insists she will be Margo's liver donor. When Jack arrives, Katie asks him for any information on Simon. Jack explains that they got news that a boat carrying several people was seen and it left Avanya. Bob starts the blood work on Katie to see if she is a match for Margo.

Craig and Sierra continue to argue. Sierra tells Craig that Carly phoned her and told her how Craig acted at Hal and Emily's wedding. After Sierra leaves, a very angry phones Carly and gets her to admit that she did phone Sierra.

After Aaron explained to Carly how Tom caught him at his house, Carly advises him to just tell Holden the truth. Aaron agrees. Craig arrives to insult Aaron and tell Carly that she never gives him any respect and since she is responsible for Sierra coming, he doesn't care if he never sees her again.

To be sure that Paul rescued the real Simon, Lucinda kisses Simon then declares it is the real Simon. The weather starts to clear up. Paul tells Rose that she should go stay with Joe for a little while until he gets back on his feet. Rose agrees and they kiss. As Rose says her diamond never brought her anything but bad luck, she tosses the diamond overboard. When Henry asks Lucinda for some compensation for this whole Avanya deal, Lucinda tells him he will begin working for her.

Back home, Aaron tells Holden how a suspicious Tom found him in Margo's empty home. As Holden is trying to think of what to do next, Sierra and Lucy arrive and invite Aaron to dinner that evening. Holden tells Aaron to go ahead with Sierra and Lucy.

Tom sits with Margo and tells her she needs to hang on. When Tom leaves, Katie tells Margo that she is her donor. Margo first says absolutely not. Then a teary eyed Katie tells Margo she cannot imagine not donating her liver for her sister.

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