ATWT Update Friday 8/16/02


As the World Turns Friday 8/16/02

By Loretta

After Aaron is placed with a restraining order, which prevents him from seeing Lucy more than 50 feet, Lucy arrives for a visit. Lily tells Lucy about the restraining order and that she must obey it.

Rosanna visits Craig and tells him she still wants him and that she got Mike out of the way by sending him to Valenzuela. Craig is skeptical.

After dropping Adam off at the airport, Katie arrives back home with Margo. Katie tells Margo about the huge hurricane headed for Avanya and her concerns for Simon's safety. When Chris and Abigail arrive for a visit, Margo nearly faints. After examining Margo, Chris orders her to return to the hospital immediately.

As Henry sits on the trunk, which holds Donovan's body, Simon jokingly tells Henry that he will never fit his makeup in this trunk. Since Henry is frightened to open this trunk, Simon opens it and finds it empty. A very alive Donovan appears to Simon to tell him to give him the diamond and paperwork. They fight. Paul arrives and grabs Donovan, then Simon runs off for Slade's boat. Lucinda and Paul tie Donovan up, while Rose holds a knife to him.

Aaron tells Lucy that maybe they do need to be patient with their relationship. Upset, Lucy runs off. Alison arrives, but Aaron tries to run after Lucy. When Aaron returns, Alison tries to calm him down and also apologize for her recent conduct.

Rosanna apologizes to Craig for letting him down when she watched Lucy and lying. Craig tells Rosanna that if she still wants a relationship with him, she will have to dump Barbara's financial backing for BRO. Although she will take a financial loss, Rosanna agrees to this. Lucy walks in on Rosanna and Craig kissing. Rosanna tells Lucy she hopes they can make a fresh start. After Rosanna leaves, Lucy tells Craig that he had no right to place Aaron with a restraining order and tells him that he is one hundred times worst than Aaron. As Lucy cries, she says she wonders why she came to Oakdale.

Simon (as Donovan) arrives on Slade's boat. Slade urges Simon (as Donovan) to kill Joe. Simon grabs Joe and points his gun at Slade. Then Slade tells Simon to hand over the diamond, while pointing his gun at Joe and Simon.

As Aaron panics about the restraining order, Lily and Holden try and talk some sense into him. Little Luke walks in and asks his parents why they don't try and help Aaron. Luke says if they won't help Aaron, he will. Holden then snaps at Lily, causing Lily to angrily leave the room.

Arriving at the hospital with Margo, Chris tells John and Bob what happened. Bob gives Margo's recent test results to John, which indicate she has liver cancer and needs a transplant. Katie overhears this.

Slade manages to get the diamond from Simon, and then Paul jumps Slade. Simon pushes Slade overboard. Rose then arrives and is reunited with Joe, then Lucinda and Henry arrive. Simon suggests they all leave now on Slade's boat, despite the coming hurricane.

Hoping to get some help with his restraining order from Margo, Aaron enters Margo's house, but finds no one home. Tom arrives and is shocked to see Aaron there.

Alison fantasizes about her and Aaron. First she sees herself trying to comfort Aaron, but he pushes her away. Then we see Alison dressed matronly and wearing glasses, trying to comfort Aaron, whom this time, removes her glasses and tells her she is beautiful, then takes her in his arms and kisses her.

As Lucy packs to go move in with her grandmother (Lucinda), Sierra arrives.

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